Proto-col LED Lip Gloss


After replying to a tweet I received an email saying I had been selected to try out one of Proto-col LED lip glosses! I was really excited as I don’t own many lip products, let alone one that has a light and mirror on it. At first I thought it just had a light, so when it arrived I was delighted to see that I was just being silly. proto-col

I got it in Abigail’s Sparkle, not only is it a lovely name but a gorgeous coral/pink colour. Unfortunately with it being so pigmented I cannot get away with it as the colour really doesn’t suit me. However, I may be using it in some upcoming looks. It’s extremely pigmented which is fantastic because you’re definitely getting your monies worth!



lipgloss proto-col


It has a very pleasant smell which is important to me, especially with lip colours. I’m really impressed with the idea of this and I’m hoping it may encourage more companies to introduce convenient lights and mirrors. Especially now the lighting is scarce for the Winter.