Protecting my iPhone with Swag My Case!

Every since first getting an iPhone I have always had ridiculously bulky, ugly looking, over protective cases on them. For the simple reason that they’re not easy to replace so I like to look after mine. When I first started working at home, I found my last case rather annoying and constantly in the way of my charger (it wasn’t an ideal fit) so I took it off. I figured that seen as I was just at home constantly, what was the odds of dropping or damaging it? It turns out, I ended up dropping it more in those first couple months than ever before! So, I really did jump at the chance to try out Swag My Case!


Protecting my iPhone with Swag My Case, shemightbeloved, georgina grogan
Swag My Case stock unique and designer cases from different artists from across the Globe to ensure there’s something for everyone. They also offer the chance to upload your own images and design the cases yourself, for the more artistic people out there, it’s a great feature. I, however, didn’t want to mess my case up or over complicated it, so I decided to go with one of their artists.
The two cases I received were Alice Caterpillar, my personal favourite, and Elizabeth both for iPhone 5/5c and tough cases. I chose tough cases for the extra protection and I am so impressed with how protective, yet sleek looking the cases are. It has a soft case that covers your phone first with a protective overlayer, meaning that if you like to take your case off and on, you won’t scratch it like with some of those cheap cases. Swag My Case Tough Cases cost around £24.99 and cover most phones from a Blackberry, Sony, Samsung to even some iPads, all at reasonable prices.


Protecting my iPhone with Swag My Case, shemightbeloved, georgina grogan
I will admit, I’ve dropped my phone a couple more times since getting the case, but I really don’t worry anymore. The case has the little part which sticks out around the edge and protects the screen too, I guess that’s kinda called a screen protector case? It fits perfectly which means I don’t have to mess about moving my case to use any of my ports and doesn’t have silly nooks and crannies like some cases which collect dust.
I’ve been using my case for quite a while now and have acquired many selfies with it…..


Protecting my iPhone with Swag My Case, shemightbeloved, georgina grogan


What kind of case do you have on your phone?
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  1. Miss Sarah Spy
    2nd April 2015 / 7:12 pm

    They look so nice! I have an Nokia Lumia 535 so cases are a bit rare but we managed to get this really nice plain purple one but it has a stand to hold the phone up on the back which is so handy!

  2. 2nd April 2015 / 7:47 pm

    I’m actually naughty…I don’t have a case on my phone for protection. I’m just testing fate, I know I am, but I haven’t found a design that I like! xx

    Dee | Prompts by Dee