Products That Help Me Through the Stressful Months!

Products That Help Me Through the Stressful Months! 
For those that have me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’m a little bit of a workaholic, to the point where I sometimes make myself a little ‘ill’. It’s not a good thing, and I definitely don’t recommend it, but I’ve found myself reaching for the same things again and again to combat the stress, aid my work and actually help me to relax. Therefore, think of this as a monthly favourites or just a bundle of products that have been flipping amazing. We’ll start of with bath time, simply as, when I’m at my all time worst and seconds away from flipping out, I stop what I’m doing and head to the bath. This month I’ve been trying out products from Cocoa Brown, one of which just happens to have my favourite ever body scrub. Whenever I’ve had a long day, nothing feels better to me than scrubbing my skin and washing the bad energy away.
cocoa brown gentle bronze
Cocoa Brown know that as much as I love them, I’m not huge on tanning, so they’ve also sent along a Gentle Bronze gradual tan! I love the fact that they’re so thoughtful in the sense to not just whip out the darkest tan and wonder why I don’t jump at the chance. All I need now is a week where I’m not travelling constantly to be able to try this out in peace and without the worry of going streaky. Although, knowing how good Cocoa Brown’s products are, that will most likely not be the case at all.
Whilst in my baths, I’ve been using the Puressentiel sprays which I have been seriously obsessing about. I’ve taken these EVERYWHERE these past couple of months to spray in hotels too as I just can’t get enough. My favourite is definitely the Puressentiel Purifying Air Spray, 200 ml at £19.99. When I first used this it was because Alfie had a really bad cold, so I locked him in the bathroom with a hot bath running and plenty of this spray in the air to clear him up. It really worked wonders and he felt so much better afterwards. Since then, we’re constantly spraying it in our rooms just to keep things fresh!
It has a huge amount of 41 Essential Oils which work together to ‘destroy germs, and bad smells.’ Impressive, and also it’s 100% natural so you don’t have to worry whilst it sanitises the air, it’s also free of preservatives, and synthetics! The Puressentiel Sleep Spray, 75ml at £16.99, is equally as nice, but it’s definitely not something you can spray too much of as with the hint of lavender, it can do the reverse of making you feel sleepy, and instead, wake you back up. One or two sprays of this is enough to make you cosy and ready to sleep.
Puressentiel purifying and sleep sprays
An added stress in my life that I don’t really need or want, is keeping my hair red. Every time I have a bottle of Colorwow in my bathroom, I’m instantly relaxed about the whole situation. I have already done a full review of this shampoo, but honestly, I can’t not rave about it more, especially when I honestly don’t have the time to dye my hair every two weeks. Normally, any other shampoo would leave my hands stained bright red after washing my hair, but with Colorwow, there’s hardly any colour fall out at all and I am so utterly impressed. I’ve always thought Colorwow was just the root touchup on the advert, but they’ve honestly nailed every aspect of coloured hair. I’ve even been using their Hairspray which, of course, is also impressive. It holds my curls so lovely and without making my hair overly shiny or crispy.
colorwow shampoo and hairspray
For my face, I’ve been taking the Vitage challenge where I only use their products for an entire month. So far, I’ve been failing as I’ve had far too much skincare to test out lately and with only one face, it becomes a little tricky. Therefore, I’ve called in Alfie and Mum to help test out some skincare and tell me their thoughts so I have their opinions as well as mine. It’s not the first time I’ve tried Vitage, so I already know I’m going to have amazing results, but it is the first time I’ve tried out a full regime from them, which I’m quite excited about. I do have to post a before photo without makeup and the best one I have lately is a train selfie…. A couple spots, scars and uneven skin tone but nothing major, just a couple weeks to wait until we have the end results! (Btw, if you can’t wait you can find Vitage at Effortless Skin or Court House Clinics.)
no makeup, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved
Vitage skincare
For over a year now, I’ve known I needed glasses when sitting at the computer for lengths at a time, but have I done anything about it? Nope. Well, not until Glasses Shop got in touch who offer prescription eyeglasses and as always, if it’s for the blog, I’ll actually do all the things I’ve been meaning to! I chose a very simple pair of glasses as it’s really not what they look like, I just want to stop getting headache from being on the computer so long. I’m pretty sure my pair was under $30 making them super cheap glasses! They even have a big campaign called ‘First Pair of Glasses Free‘ which means all the new customers can have a pair of free glasses and just have to pay the shipping and handling fee. (This was the day where my Dad was getting a little over the top on things to use as backgrounds in my photos, so we got out the Russian Dolls!)

Finally, two things to make me happy and motivated on the inside. I’ve been trying out 6 Vitamin Shot Drink at £24.99 for 12. I’m not really one for energy drinks or tablets at all, but with my back giving me less and less energy by the day, I think I’m going to start experimenting! This one has been made by nutritionists and it gives you your recommended daily allowance of vitamins in just one shot. It contains: Niacin, B6, Folic Acid, B12, Pantothenic Acid, L – Tyrosine, Taurine, L – Carnitine, Glucuronolactone, Glycine and then obviously, Caffeine for more energy.  I did notice a slight difference to my average energy and took these on a trip to London with me, seen as I survived, I’d give them a thumbs up.I’ve also been trying out the MegaRed Omega 3 capsules and I was really shocked that I have never thought that normal fish oils, could eventually run out and perhaps a more sustainable source should be use. MegaRed use Krill Oil instead (you can read the benefits of Krill Oil here) and to me, that just sounds like a better way to take Omega 3 especially as it has so many benefits too. What I love most about MegaRed is that the website has so much useful information for people if they’re wondering why they should be taking these sorts of supplements. In short, they help with a healthy heart, which is why you hear about a lot of people taking them and if you have a healthy heart, you’ll most likely have a healthy body!

6 vitamin shot drink
MegaRed omega 3
So, these products have basically got me through the last couple months and I’m continuing to use them, well, the ones of which I haven’t used up completely already! Have you got any favourite products lately? Maybe we have some of the same?
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