Product Testing UK – Sleek and L’Oreal

It’s post like these that make me sad to write. Simply because I know for a fact they’ll be people out there that obviously adore these products, and for me, I’m really not impressed. I was approached by Product Testing UK to review a couple mystery items, so I didn’t really know what to expect. Product Testing UK is a website where anyone can sign up to review a certain product and then they’ll pick a set amount of people to receive it and share their thoughts.
I received the L’Oreal Paris Mega Volume Miss Manga Punky Mascara £8.99. It’s a product that I really wasn’t bothered about trying out in the face place, and if you’re wondering why, it’s simply because it was over hyped. Whenever a product has *too* many people saying good things about it, I can’t help but be overly skeptical and in a lot of cases, I’m usually disappointed. Maybe I have high standards when it comes to mascaras, or maybe I’ve just found the perfect ones, but I really can’t say I’ve wore this since.
Product Testing UK - Sleek and L'Oreal
Product Testing UK - Sleek and L'Oreal
I’ve been using an eyelash serum lately, which means my eyelashes have a little more fluffy than normal, however, that doesn’t translate well here. The Miss Manga mascara has quite a clumpy and not a very well designed brush which speaks for itself really, but it does actually apply quite well. It definitely adds volume and thickness to the lashes, just not evenly or attractively. My eyelashes became very clumpy in places and quite wonky.


Product Testing UK also sent me a Sleek Lipstick called Pixie, I was quite excited to see Sleek as their products are always so amazing, but it made sense why I haven’t really heard of this before. It’s an incredibly sticky, slippery and uncomfortable lipgloss to wear. With being Sleek, obviously it’s highly pigmented and it smells delicious but it’s definitely not something I could comfortably ever wear. I was interested to see that there’s actually a SPF 15 in the lipgloss and that’s probably the most positive thing I can say about it.


Product Testing UK - Sleek and L'Oreal
 Product Testing UK have some amazing products to apply to try out and they even have a new blogger section where you can register your blog for consideration!

*I have been warned that upon sign up you will be bombarded with spammy looking offers, do be careful with anything like this and I will note that I was completely unaware until after I posted this due to the fact that I didn’t sign up. There are plenty of people who do work with this company without a problem, so if you are interested, it’s worth the extra effort of fighting your way through.*

*Pr Samples, honest as ever.