Primers for Oily Skin | My Favourite Primers!

Favourites week is continuing with my Favourite Primers! If you follow me on Twitter or have read a couple of my skin based posts, you’ll know that I suffer from oily skin. Which means I need a little extra staying power to keep my face on throughout the day to avoid it melting away. It’s a constant problem for me that only some days, with a proper skin routine carried out and a primer used, that I have a fair chance at winning the ongoing battle. I’ve tried many primers, for all different kinds of skin, just in case by some miracle that one worked. However, thankfully I have now found primers for every problem area of my face (every inch of it basically). For those who aren’t sure what a primer does, it basically preps the skin for makeup by keeping your skincare separate to your makeup and helping it to ‘stick’ or stay on longer. There’s so many different types that can add moisture, take it away, or even blur fine lines.  As you can see on the picture, in my eyes there is one main company for primers, Smashbox. I don’t own much from there, as I tell myself off for it every single day. Their products are truly amazing (sceptical over their new collection but I’ll share my thoughts on that another day). The primers are truly out of this world, they seem to have one for every single type of skin, whether it be oily, dry, sensitive, older, younger or even slightly discoloured!
primers for oily skin, smashbox primer, benefit primer

Having quite large, oily pores means that some days if I don’t use a primer, you can visible see all these mini craters in my face where makeup goes to die. A slight exaggeration maybe, but they are pretty huge making me extremely self conscious when people get too close to my face. However, a pore-fighting duo, well I should really say a pore-fighting-team are Benefit’s Porefessional, £24.50, Smashbox Photo Finish, £25, and Smashbox’s Photo Finish Hydrating under eye primer, £21. Porefessional is one that most people have heard of or have tried for themselves. It has a slight colour to it meaning if you were confident enough, you wouldn’t need to put anything on top. It has a mattifying finish that fills the pores (ingredients wise, it’s as bad as it sounds) making makeup flawless on top. It’s a very similar consistency and quality to Smashbox’s Photo Finish, where the only difference is that Smashbox adds no colour to the face at all. However, in my opinion, Porefessional doesn’t. Benefit also believe that Porefessional can be used on top of makeup to help reset it, with oily skin I find this makes your face look ‘caked’ on, and with dry skin, you shouldn’t really be using this primer to start with. They feel incredibly soft of the skin, creating a fantastic base to buff in foundation. I sometimes mix the two together for days where my pores have decided to grow arms and wave at everyone for attention. The Hydrating Under Eye Primer sounds like I’m contradicting myself completely, but my trusted Smashbox adviser (Steph who works in Boots Meadowhall) educates me on all things Smashbox, so I now know that this one can be used to target extremely large pores, or fine lines and wrinkles to ‘blur’ them. We tested it out on our knuckles and I was completely sold. It’s also fantastic to add a little extra moisture under the eyes, where my oiliness thankfully does not spread, and around my nose where I tend to be a little dryer.

Primers for Oily Skin, smashbox primers, benefit primer

Finally, a new piece to my hopefully-ever-growing Smashbox collection is their new eyeshadow primer! I will admit it, Urban Decay’s Primer Potion that everyone absolutely raves about, did nothing for me, nada. In fact, I found it ruined my makeup a lot of the time, so I have been desperate to find a decent primer. Smashbox’s  24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer may be the first ever product to last as long as it says, I say ‘may’ as I took it off after around 12 hours to find that my eyeshadow looked fantastic and the rest of my face looked like a 3 year old had done my makeup. I love air conditioning at work. It’s safe to say that this is now an everyday essential that has really impressed me and my oily lids. As you can see, although I do go on and on about bargain and saving money (and having no money), I do prefer to spend more on my primers as I feel they do a much better job than all the cheaper ones I have tried.

If you’ve enjoyed this post and found any new products to try then be sure to check out My Favourite Foundations and spend even more money on your face. Also, feel free to suggest any types of product favourites you’d like me to do next!