Plus Size Swimwear – Featuring Elomi, Curvy Kate, Yours Clothing, & Evans Clothing!

Finally it’s time for a post on all the beautiful plus size swimwear I wore on holiday! Due to having a rather rubbish start to the year, I didn’t end up getting much swimwear. To be honest I didn’t think I’d be up for the effort of taking nice photos in different swimwear, but I didn’t realise how easy it’d be with the beautiful place we were staying at. Although some of the swimwear in this post looks amazing on, it wasn’t the most comfortable or practical and I’ll explain why…


Elomi, georgina grogan, shemightbelovedElomi, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved

I did have my eye on a completely different set from Elomi, but it had sold out already so instead they sent me an Essential Bikini Top, the Indie Mid Rise Brief, and this rather unusual Indie Black High Neck Tankini. All on together and it looks amazing and a real trendy piece, but when you break it down it’s not so magical for me. The style of the bikini top being so thin at the back is rather uncomfortable, with this being a strapless piece at £48, I definitely expected some more band support. The bottoms not only struggled to reach my belly button, but they actually felt a couple sizes smaller than what I would have hoped. A 24 mid rise, felt more like a low rise. I couldn’t have enjoyed a swim or a float in these as they would need adjusting too much to stay comfortable. It’s definitely a beautiful set, but at £48 for the bikini top, £38 for the coverup, and £32 for the bottoms, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t recommend buying it, as there are cheaper and better fitting alternatives on the market.

Curvy Kate

curvy kate, georgina grogan, shemightbelovedcurvy kate, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved

Swimwear that’s based on your bra size is never my preferred choice but I just had to get the Voltage set. It was so strikingly different and one of the only Curvy Kate Tankinis that go up to a 44. Usually I would wear a 38GG but I’ve started wearing 38H, 40GG, and I even have a couple 42G so depending on how bad my back is, it means I have the support but the pressure is off my back pain. I asked for a 42G in this set and it was an incredibly tight fit. To the point where my mum said she couldn’t get it on, but I told her to try harder. Obviously I’m a 22/24 now so the tankini did really well to fit around me so nicely and not overstretch its pattern. I think it’s a really great set, probably not something I’d wear over here (as I only really go to a pool when in a spa), but it’s definitely a holiday set! The pants are gorgeous, they did feel a tad smaller than other designs from Curvy Kate but I imagine that’s down to the lace design and if you size up by 2, that would give you the coverage of high waisted bottoms. If you have similar back issues, or you simply prefer a more comfortable swim then I would always recommend sizing up one or two backs with swimwear. Obviously you might lose the intense boobage, but you’ll be more comfortable. The Votage Tankini Top is £42, and the bottoms are £18.

Yours Clothing

yours clothing, georgina grogan, shemightbelovedyours clothing, georgina grogan, shemightbelovedyours clothing, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved

I personally prefer non-bra sized swimwear on holiday. It’s free, it’s comfy, and who would wear a bra by choice? Not me anyway. Especially not in hot, sweaty weather. The Yours Clothing range had some really beautiful and affordable picks of swimwear and obviously I was in a blue mood. I picked out a 24 in the Navy & White Polkadot (currently on sale from £39.99 to £29.99) and the Blue & Green Tropical Swimsuit (currently on sale from £30 to £22.50) but ideally I could have done with a 22 as they were both rather roomy. A comfortable roomy though, I would have just liked a little more light boob support that a smaller costume would have offered. I really love swim dresses as I think they’re super cute and vintage looking. The blue & green swimsuit has an incredibly bold pattern and I even spotted mum wearing this a couple times, which is always a good sign!



evans, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved evans, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved

Evans have a great range of swimwear, their own brand, and with the brands they stock. I asked for this beautiful Aztec Print in a size 24 and it was really generous. A 20 or a 22 would have been a much better fit. I loved the print and the style, I wore this one quite a bit as it was so comfortable and fun to wear. It’s currently £32 reduced from £42 and it’s only left in a few sizes now.

I always feel happier in water, I’ve always loved to swim, I gravitate towards pools, and I’m even considering getting a hot tub to help with my chronic pain! Have you found any amazing swimwear this year?

This post features PR samples unless otherwise stated. For more details, read my disclaimer here.
  • This post came at the perfect time!!! I’m going on vacation in October and since I live in the NorthWest, I haven’t owned a swim suit in like 10 years. LOL. Also, I love your Ariel hair. It’s gorgeous!

  • Alexis Towle

    These swimsuits look great on you! Especially with #3 the aqua one it really makes your facial features pop.


  • I think my favourite has to be the blue polka dot one; it’s gorgeous 🙂 I’m definitely in need of a good one-piece, mine is about two sizes too small!! xx

  • I absolutely love the aztec print swimwear piece from Evans! It looks so pretty and comfy too 🙂 I love the print. I also really like the pieces from Yours Clothing, especially polka dot one. You look gorgeous in all of the swimwear, such lovely photos! x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

  • looking so nice and beautiful. amazing 🙂

  • DDtop

    Hi must say looks great &there is some really nice swimwear out there now esp even for us more fuller types!
    Must admit i do like the Elomi swimwear have a fair bit as works for me do wear the swim bra’s as need to support them or get very sensitive/sore as ive hormone issues over P tumour etc
    But looked on yours and others so awesome looking things so we no longer have to put up with bland!