Plus Size Holiday Fashion – Yours Clothing

I seem to be a little obsessed with Yours Clothing lately, not only do they stock my new favourite style of dresses, the Lady Volup Lyra, but they’ve also brought out some seriously gorgeous maxi dresses lately and I’m happy to say that I now own all the ones that I really adored.

It was actually shopping with Mum in Yours Clothing Meadowhall that we noticed this beautiful Black & Green Feather Print Sleeveless Maxi Dress and that it came in Black & Pink too! It’s a very beautiful style and print, and the colours really stand out. It’s the stretchy material that could overheat you, but without a cardigan and with a breeze, you’re absolutely fine. It’s a severe plunge style meaning you either need a good plunge bra, or a couple pins (or even a small insert to cover your modesty), I don’t mind this as such but when my mum went to wear (steal) one, she wasn’t a fan of how low it is. It’s a little tighter than most Yours Clothing size 22s, but not in a ‘too tight’ kind of way, it was more of just a fitted look and I really liked it. The dresses are £39.99 and I can tell they’re going to last so well!

Yours ClothingYours ClothingYours ClothingYours Clothing
Obviously I wore the Lady V Lyra that started my new obsession to travel in, whilst I was there, and to travel back in. It’s truly so comfortable and when you overheat a lot like I do, it really helps with that.

It’s flowy, short sleeved, a great knee length on me, the neckline is very comfortable and the prints are SO beautiful. I even bought another one in this gorgeous sapphire blue print. At £45 a dress it means I’m having to feed my new addiction in very small doses, and to be quite honest I’d happily buy every single print! I’ve heard that this blue one will be coming to Yours Clothing very soon, so I thought I’d include it in here seen as I bought it myself.

Lady V LyraLady V Lyra Lady V Lyra

Are you heading anywhere this summer?

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