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It’s been a little while since I announced my Gym Series and I can only apologise, if you follow me on Twitter/Instagram you’ll notice that life has been a little crazy lately. I started this Gym Series following a car accident that has left me with a terribly achy body and for me, the rest period now needs to change into moving more. As explained in my previous post, I’m not doing this to lose weight and although I have adapted healthier food options, I have only done slow to feel better in myself and have more energy. Although, the last couple of busy weeks have left me without time and without the energy to go work out, but it doesn’t mean I’ve given up, I am very determined to have my body back in working order.
As promised, I’m going to start walking you through the clothes, bras and shoes I’ve been wearing at the gym and telling you what I do and don’t recommend. Although most of the gym clothes I have been wearing have been from State of Mind, I haven’t been able to manage a good enough photo just yet, so instead I thought I would talk about a couple things I have been trying from Simply Be. Simply Be actually have quite an extensive gym range from sizes 12-32, although that doesn’t mean that everything will be available in every size as some of the brands has specific ranges.
Plus Size Gym Clothes with Simply Be, georgina grogan, plus size blogger

I must say I was really impressed with the selection of styles of sport clothes on their site as they had everything for people who may be more daring and bright, and for others who just want basic clothing. After looking around, I’ve noticed people tend to wear sports leggings to the gym a lot and I really wanted a pair, however in a size 22 (although I’m a size 20 everywhere else) they’re not easy to come by. I was really excited when Simply Be agreed to hop on board with my series as they have a lot of leggings to choose from and try out.

I decided to try out the Black Leggings with Three-Quarter leg at £14, which at 5’3 means just short enough to really accentuate my ankles….I wasn’t too much of a fan of this, but it didn’t bother me either. The Leggings do not have a lot of stretch in them and are a little small on the sizing because of it. they fit comfortable enough, but I am yet to have a session at the gym with them due to them being cotton, tight and an awkward place on my stomach. You know the leggings that don’t go low or high enough? That kind.One item that I’ve loved for the gym is actually a very basic Cotton Rich V neck at £12. I asked for it in a 22 as I didn’t want it to be too tight and completely bake me, but it still does the trick. I’ve noticed the top does ride up quite a lot depending on what exercising you’re doing, but it’s very easy, comfortable and effortless to wear. I love the sleeves as they’re just long enough to keep my phobia of showing my skin condition under control.I thought that the outfit wouldn’t be complete without a Zipped Hoodie (£24) and I was right, it’s perfect for getting to and from the gym – even if it is just to the car on these cold dark nights. I got the hoodie in a 20 as I didn’t plan on zipping it up but I did find that even the arms were a little tight, so I would probably size up on this hoodie to ensure you have a comfortable zip. It’s incredibly soft too which is always a bonus!

Obviously to the gym I don’t wear my hair down or that much makeup at all, but we were taking blog photos and it seemed silly to wipe it all off! More realistic photos coming up soon……

Are you Plus Size and at the Gym? Which brands do you wear?

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  1. Egle Venslovaite
    16th February 2015 / 10:16 am

    I like your outfit choice.

    Egle-Makeup Demon