Plus Size Disney Villains – Yzma Halloween Look

Yzma Halloween Look

I very nearly didn’t post this look at all as I didn’t think it was any good, but judging by the massive response on social media, I should shut up and post my halloween looks anyway. Everyone loved Yzma, really loved! To the point where I don’t think anything else this year will be as good as her now.

So, here’s Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove.

I really want to try and do as many Disney Villains as I can as I love Disney, but I wasn’t really expecting to do Yzma with her being an older and incredibly smaller character, but I thought it’d be a challenge, so why not?

Yzma Halloween Look Yzma Halloween Look

Adding the wrinkles to Yzma was actually really fun, a lot of blending and layers and repeating myself again and again until they looks faded enough. For the face on my Halloween looks I always mix foundation with eyeshadows, but in the past I’ve found that incredibly dryer, so this year I’ve been adding a face oil to the mix.
It sheers the formula down and allows it to be blended, added to, sheered out more if needed and removed very easily. I started off with a really strong purple face, which you can see on parts of my chest, but it looked better a little more lifelike.

Products list:
Makeup Revolution Give Them Nightmares
Makeup Revolution Felt Liner
Lushes Lashes
Makeup Revolution Acid Brights
Merumaya Face Oil *Don’t use an expensive one, I just have a spare*
Le Maq Pro White Foundation

I really try to not use anything expensive in my makeup looks as I end up using a lot of product and destroying palettes as I use them for mixing. Most of the products I use is from my huge stash of Makeup revolution but I really think that you can use any products/palette of any budget, you just have to know how to get the best out of them.