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Plan a Mega Shopping Trip To Get Your Plus Size Spring Wardrobe All in One Fun Hit

While there are loads of great online brands now that either specialise in or supply plus size clothing, perhaps more than women of smaller sizes, we tend to feel better if we get a chance to try things on. Sizing can vary pretty wildly, and if you are also someone with other specific needs for your body shape, for example someone who is tall or petite as well as plus size, or someone with an especially large bust, it is hard to shop for things without seeing where they fall on you first.
Of course, choices for plus size women in the average UK town tend to be pretty limited to the few high street brands that go over a size 18, and the larger plus size chains which can be overpriced compared with equivalent brands for smaller women and have uninspiring ranges.

A great way to combat all of this and have a great time in the process is to plan a big shopping trip each season to somewhere where you are guaranteed to have loads of choice, and get your key pieces for the whole season there!

Here are some tips:

Choose a Great Destination

The UK has some amazing shopping centres you can choose from, where you are certain to find a much larger selection of things that meet your requirements than in the average UK high street. Look at the lists of stores in places like Meadowhall and Bluewater, and decide where you want to go. If mall style shopping isn’t for you, Oxford Street in London is ideal for high street brand fans, or if you are more a top end shopper look at Knightsbridge or Westfield. Anywhere with a larger shopping centre or major shopping district could fit the bill however – there are loads of places you could use.

Plan a Full Weekend

If you are travelling to do your season’s shop, then one day may not be enough, or may prove too tiring and stressful. Look for great hotel deals close to your destination of choice with great UK hotel brands like IHG hotels. If you want to, you can use public transport to get to your shopping destination, however if you are expecting to be coming back with armfuls of bags and boxes, driving can be the better option!


shopping trip

Do It Your Way!

Do you usually prefer to shop alone, or with friends? A lot of women actually prefer shopping by themselves because they know their own preferences and are on something of a mission. If this is you, don’t be swayed by the perception that shopping needs to be a group activity or BFF bonding experience. If you prefer having someone else’s input take someone you trust and will have fun with, and who is preferably also plus size so she can enjoy the same shops as you and you won’t end up side tracked in places you didn’t plan to go to.

Getting all your season’s key pieces in one go can be easy and fun, and can mean you are not stuck with what your local high street has or the risk of shopping online!




This post is an advertorial.