Pixi Makeup from HQ Hair.*

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Like most people, I tone down my look for daytime and normally stick to browns and neutrals on my eyes, but somedays that can get a little boring. Sure you can jazz it up with a bright lip (like I have below) but somedays that isn’t enough. Recently I was sent some Pixi Makeup from HQ Hair and I haven’t stopped using it since. Instead of the usual boring brown eyes, this little selection really opens up an eye and makes them stand out. Perfect for an everyday soft look, or if you’re wanting something a little more dramatic. I used the Pixi Mesmerising Emerald Palette, Wide Awake eye pencil and Silky Eye pen in Bronze Beam whilst taking all the photos for my upcoming fashion posts (there’s quite a few), and my eye makeup looked striking and awakening, below is a quick shot after a needed lipstick change. These products are also perfect for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time in a morning, as they make all the blending really minimal and just one of these products can be used to create a more awaken look.
Pixi Makeup from HQ Hair

As soon as I opened the package the Pixi Mesmerising Emerald Palette*, £12, caught my eye with its dazzling shimmery colours. I’ve started to get a little bored of mattes lately so this was a welcomed change to my makeup bag. I find all the colours really wearable on their own or mixed together. I’ve probably tried every combination already but, my favourite has to be the first, fourth and last shade to highlight, contour my crease and darken the lash line. They’re very creamy and don’t dry out or crease on the lid, as well as this they all look fantastic with the Pixi Silky Eye Pen*, £11, on top in Bronze Beam, this makes a beautiful smokey eye without going too dark. It also looks amazing when smudged out on the bottom lash line and waterline. It’s incredibly creamy and practically melts on the skin, it doesn’t dry too quickly as it gives you enough time to buff, smudge or smoke it out. Finally, complete any look with the Wide Awake Crayon Combo, £14, with a Brighten and Lighten side, the lighten side also has a shimmer to create that extra definition. The brighten side is quite a dark pink shade for me but blended out it just makes the perfect base for the shimmer to go on top, it really defines a brow too.

Pixi Makeup from HQ Hair

Pixi Makeup all seems rather affordable with quite an extensive range to suit and cater for everyone. The eye palette smells amazing as well, which normally I would question, but I rather like it.

HQ Hair sell an entire range of things from makeup to nails and is definitely a website that you should check out!