Pink Clove Dress Review

After reviewing a couple plus size brands lately, I’ve decided to slowly work my way around and try out new brands that I haven’t tried before. Obviously I’m doing this for your benefit and not because I like to treat myself….. Anyway, after hearing a couple people compare Boohoo and Pink Clove, I thought it was only fair to buy two dresses and see what I thought. Pink Clove caters to sizes 16-32, which is rather impressive. Straight away whilst browsing through their website I was delighted to see dresses with sleeves. Something that as a Plus Size woman, I love to have that extra cover up. I don’t think there’s anything more annoying than finding that perfect dress for summer and realising that you have to put a giant cardigan on with it just to feel comfortable. So with that in mind I ordered two dresses, or colours that I don’t often wear, blue. They arrived promptly and I was very eager to get them on straight away. One of the dresses, I wore to the Pamper Day with La Tasca Meadowhall, pictured below.
Pink Clove Dress
In the picture I am also wearing my beautiful yet ridiculously impractical Zatchel, as you can’t actually put anything inside of it and even if you do, it’s virtually impossible to open it back up in less than 10 minutes. As well as my new shoes from Evans that have a tiny mirrored heel and leggings from Evans. I am also wearing my Butterfly looking belt and shape wear pants from Yours Clothing, where my readers can get £10 off £20+ spends with code ‘BLOGGER3’. I do love a discount code.
I was a little surprised to find the material was rather textured, and a little wary at first to try it on as I thought it may make me look lumpy or misshaped. However, I was happy to be proven wrong, the Pink Clove Sweetheart Neck Skater Dress is beautiful on and incredibly comfy. It has an extra couple CM of fabric on the neckline where you can rest assure that your bust will not be ‘see through’. I got the dress in a 2 as Boohoo’s sizes came up a little small, however Pink Clove sizes are fantastic and very true to size. I had just enough extra room to feel really at ease and comfortable. The bright royal blue colour really stood out to me and against my pale complexion and red hair, it definitely meant I didn’t fade into the crowd. Throughout the day I did notice that with the extra material it did seem to ride up a little making my chest area appear ‘frumpy’, however if I was to get my actual size, 20, it would have fit much better, so there’s definitely no need to size up or down with this dress.
The second dress I bought was the Pink Clove Belted Plain Skater Dress, 22, in blue. However, it didn’t suit me at all and therefore I’m going to sell it on. No point in wasting a beautiful dress just because it didn’t look right on me! Despite this, I am really pleased with my dress and I can see it being worn a lot over the summer, it’s a lovely length, style, thickness and it’s easily dressed up. I’m definitely going to be ordering from Pink Clove again in the future!
Disclaimer: I wasn’t sent this to review, therefore I paid for it with my own pennies.