How Kittens Changed My Life – My Pet Story #AD

 My pet story is a wonderfully happy one. Anya and Bella have honestly changed my life for the better. It’s not a secret that the only reason my mum finally agreed to kittens was because I had hit a serious low point. My chronic pain is getting worse, no one seems to be able to help, and it’s hard to stay remotely positive. Just before my birthday in November, my mum finally said yes to TWO kittens! (You can read more about that in a past post by clicking here.) The idea was that they’d make me actually want to get up more and not just sleep the day away from pain and depression. That they’d give me some joy and make me happier and it’s definitely worked, but not just for me. My entire house seem happier, 90% of the time every is talking in baby voices to the kittens. They’re playing with their toys, cradling Bella like a baby, feeding them treats, or just having cuddles. If anyone nips out for cat food or milk, they come back with treats and toys. They’re so spoilt and loved, there’s such a nice feeling in our house. Sure, cats aren’t miracle doctors. I still flare up, spend weeks in bed, and I’m in constant pain, but now I don’t have to focus on it every second of the day.

My pet Story My pet Story My pet Story

Having kittens around doing daft little things, snuggling up to you, fussing you, or simply flopping on your keyboard really help to break up the day. I take actual breaks to stroke kittens and feel happy. We all laugh a lot more now too because kittens really aren’t that smart. Anya’s ran into a closed door before and Bella is constantly doing silly things. She’s one of those kittens that likes to knock things off of desks too. I did have a water bottle next to me whilst working the other day, but when I went to drink it, I ended up finding it on the corridor! They’re little ninjas.

At first we had to watch Anya (short for Anastasia) and Bella constantly, we got them two weeks apart from different litters. If they didn’t look so different you wouldn’t be able to tell with how much they love each other. They play together so wonderfully, they groom each other with such love, and the way they snuggle makes my heart MELT on a daily basis. I was worried that getting a second kitten would mean that Anya wouldn’t spend as much time with me. The first day Anya was here we bonded immediately, we had such a great day and she slept on my chest whilst I worked, climbed my head, slept on my shoulder, and was generally just so affectiontionate. Thankfully, she’s still really attached to me which I obviously adore. She’s my little baby, they’re both my babies. And so, I wanted to make sure they had the best care and cover posible. After shopping around everywhere I went with Petplan Pet Insurance. They have the best reviews, and best policies that I could find, and believe me, I looked everywhere as I wanted to make sure my girls are fully covered for everything.

My pet Story

My pet Story My pet Story My pet Story

My girls really do run the house. They demand attention constantly. They’re so loving and fluffy, they give the best cuddles. Of course, they run riot during their active hours, but they’ve completely stole everyone’s hearts. The house is full of laughter at the funny things they get up to and the new tricks they learn. It’s been so amazing to watch them grow. I have never had a cat from a kitten before, so this is just an incredible experience for us all. They’ve both got such incredibly different personalities and characters. Anya is terrified of the vets, whereas Bella will let them cradle her in between of injections! Anya likes to nuzzle under your arm, whereas Bella prefers a blanky, sometimes she doesn’t care if there’s a person under there or not. Anya picks where she wants to sit to cuddle, whereas Bella will just flop down in front of you, or on you!

It’s a little scary when they’re jumping half way across the living room and trying to scale doors. Sometimes I wonder if they’re crossed with a Kangaroo! I honestly didn’t know kittens jump SO much!? They’ve been pretty good about not *completely ruining* furniture but obviously we with me and mum home all day, we can keep an eye on them. Plus they have scratch posts and toys in nearly every room now! My kittens have changed my life. I look forward to waking up and seeing them. I fall asleep happy. My family can’t wait to come home and see them, they instantly brighten up any day. They are the best little fur babies.

My pet Story My pet Story, bella, shemightbeloved

Has your pet changed your life? I’d love to hear about them!

This post is in conjunction with Petplan but all thoughts are my own.