How to Perk Yourself Up When You’re Low on Spoons

How to perk yourself up when you’re low on spoons is a guest post lead by my dear friend, Lottie of Lottie L’amour, with submissions from incredible bloggers, enjoy!

How to Perk Yourself Up When You’re Low on Spoons

So all this week, you’ll have been reading posts from fellow spoonies on everything from real tales of chronic pain to fashion tips for spoonies. What better way to end it than on a real positive note celebrating the little wins we can score against chronic pain, whilst using as little energy up as possible!

We all know now that even doing things like taking a shower or walking to the shops can be a real tough task for someone living with chronic pain, so I took to Twitter to ask fellow chronic pain sufferers what they do to chill on days when your spoons are low – so here’s a few tips from the spoon-dom (that’s a thing now, I am staking my claim to it!) on little victories to help you get through even the darkest days:


  • Rub a dub dub in the tub!

Loads of you suggested having a good old soak in the tub to help you feel better after a hard day…or even before a hard day! Georgina said “Being part mermaid means that bath time is my happy time. I love nothing more than a face mask, hair mask, and a bath bomb to relax me when I have literally no more to give. Although, bathing can actually take up spoons sometimes so when I’m really using up my reserves, I ask Alfie to use my favourite body scrub on my back to stretch my muscles out and he does wash my hair quite often – I guess what I’m saying is I either don’t wash my hair and just sit in water, or I call for backup!” @chewbeccabum on Twitter said she prefers a shower as it makes a huge difference for her, even if she has to have help, it gets her up and about. Charli from says “I get a lot of muscle ache – especially in my legs. I massage them with Almond Oil to help ease the aches and cramps – it’s a wonder oil!”

How to Perk Yourself Up When You’re Low on Spoons

  • Slap on a bit of make up!

I’m a huge advocate of slapping some makeup on. Just like Kat from Murder of Goths  said, ‘I love to put on some lippy. Just the simple flash of colour on the lips can make me feel ready to take on the world if I am venturing outside.’ But it isn’t just days where you need to face the world that wearing makeup can give you a lift. If you have a drawer full of lipsticks or eyeshadows that you’re yet to use, you can use some down time to experiment with a new look ready for your next event. It’s so surprising how a pop of colour on the eyelids or a new blusher can perk up a spoonie babe!


  • Netflix and ACTUAL Chill?

No, not that you naughty so-and-so, I mean actually chilling out in bed or on the sofa and discovering a whole new TV series or watching a film you’ve always wanted to watch! This was a really popular choice of spoonie babes on Twitter, with @shonalouiseblog, @curlywurlygirly, @kiwivicki, @booksnbrooches and @ramblingmads all turning to the TV for a relaxing time. You’ve all got really varied tastes though with some of you opting for Comedy whilst others (like me!) prefer to go to old favourite films like Disney classics – but no fighting over the remote you lot!


  • Let yourself feel the low

One of the biggest mistakes I have made in my life is forcing my body to do things that it simply cannot do when I am right in the middle of a low point. Sometimes, we just need to learn to listen to our bodies, and as the lovely @dianasaladpot said, “When I’m low I give in to being low. I lay in bed and I rest. Not sleep, the tv might even be on but I rest my body and mind.” You shouldn’t be afraid to cancel plans either, as @booksnbrooches mentions “Case in point I’m having a rough week and was awful Monday so rang/emailed all my appointments this week to cancel as I can’t make them and am just resting” – it’s perfectly fine to do this when you need to do it, listening to your body can be the difference between a bad day, and a bad week or even month.


  • Get Creative!

When I’m feeling low, I use the downtime to do a bit of blog planning or outfit planning. I find it really therapeutic to put pen to paper and actually get some planning done so that I get to see an end result! Having a creative outlet is really useful to get your frustrations out too, with @queen_ursula_uk mentioning “I do something creative that I can totally immerse myself in, usually painting. I can lose hours making something beautiful.” Colouring books was a real popular choice too, I’m quite new to the colouring book phenomenon, but I’ve loved the feeling of seeing a completed piece after spending a good few minutes at it.

How to Perk Yourself Up When You’re Low on Spoons

  • Surround yourself with positivity

We all know that a positive influence can sometimes turn your whole day around. I know if I am feeling mentally drained, I have a good old chin wag with mates who I know either have the same kind of chronic pain issues as me and/or are such a huge ray of sunshine that it’s impossible to feel low around them! @ChloeInCurve said “Being around positive people helps me mentally, chronic pain can be so draining so positive people are ace!” whilst @wee_frumpy mentions that she likes to phone her niece for a chat because she’s a bundle of joy and fun!  Sometimes you don’t even have to interact with anyone – just looking through Instagram at positive photos and pictures can help, like @booksnbrooches told me.


  • Get your munch on!

If you’re like me, you like to eat your feelings. Okay, I’m not telling you to pig out on all the food in your house (that’s reserved for a bad break up!) but making yourself your favourite food, or even getting a takeaway or having someone make your favourite food for you can really perk you up. @ramblingmads likes to eat cold rice pudding from the tin, @gliksme prefers something healthy like fruit or a cup of herbal tea to give her a boost and me? Well I’m partial to a tin of Salt and Vinegar Pringles. Yes, a whole tin, don’t judge me!
So what about you? What tips do you have for when you’re feeling low? Pop a comment in the box below and let me know! In the meantime, I’ve been Lottie L’Amour – feel free to pop by my blog,!



  • Thanks so much for including me gorgeous girl! So many great tips here.

    Chloe xx

  • Isabel O

    My dear mummy suffers from fibromyalgia and arthritis, I’m so pleased to see that the term ‘spoonie’ is being used so much in blogs and that it’s being accepted. It spreads understanding and acceptance and that’s really something that people suffering with chronic pain need I think. x

  • JayFab

    I suffer from chronic migraine and I find wearing make up can trigger a migraine. But I love have bright coloured hair and nails as a pick me up. My hair’s lavender right now, and my nails are five different colours.

  • Joy Williams

    I have fibro, sciatica, migraines and osteo arthritis, to name but a few. When I can, I paint, sew and do calligraphy. I make low sugar cakes and wholemeal multi grain bread. i also go out with my camera, take photos, then edit on Facebook. If I’m not able to do any of those, I enjoy a good book on my tablet. It’s important to be as positive as possible. It’s better to laugh than to cry.