The Perfume Shop Marc Jacobs Daisy Blush

I really am such a fan of Marc Jacobs perfumes, obviously their scent plays a main factor in my affections but the packaging is just so adorable. I love having them on my shelf on display for all to see how pretty they are and for them to add a random pop of colour. It seems just as much effort goes into the bottle as it does the scent and that’s what I really love in perfume. A bottle that looks wow when you take it out of your purse, as well as smelling incredible.

The new Marc Jacobs Daisy Blush, which launched on the 24th of February is part of a selection of limited edition fragrances. This particular one at £54 for 50ml (now £49), is perfect for spring as it’s floral, light and playful. This is just one of 3 limited edition brand new scents and it seems to be the sweetest. With Daisy Blush being more sophisticated and Daisy Eau So Fresh Blush having more of a water lily sweet, it leaves the Daisy blush to be a beautiful feminine scent.


Marc Jacobs Daisy Blush from The Perfume Shop is meant to remind you of a colourful and bright fresh bouquet of beautiful flowers. It’s ever so sweet with pear and water lily and it has just a hint of musk, but it doesn’t ruin the sweetness at all. I’d definitely say this is a daytime perfume, I think it’s a little to ‘girly’ and ‘fresh’ for me to swear of a night time. I’m more of a deeper, muskier and sophisticated kinda scent girl myself, I’ve recently found out a sample of Marc Jacobs Decadence and I am obsessed. The Perfume Shop normally has such good prices and deals that I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a little treat. Again the Decadence bottle looks so beautiful and it appears to be shaped as a handbag this time.


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