Perfect Products to Take on Holiday!

I am soon to be, or I might even be there by now depending on how my schedule ends up, on a sunny beach in the South of Spain! After 5 days in Rome last year it became apparent what products I could not bare to be without but this year, we have a beach and a pool, so I’ve really had to think hard and search every beauty stash in the house for the perfect products to take. Some of these products are press samples that I’ve ended up taking a huge liking to, others are products that I buy myself constantly and I’m never without.


Obviously my hair upkeep compared to someone with a more naturally dyed colour, or no colouring at all is going to be a bit excessive. I have long, curly, frizzy, BIG, bright reddy/pink hair that needs a lot of maintenance. I don’t want to get 3 days into the holiday and end up with a multicoloured bush and so, I am fully prepared.

Color WOW Color Security Shampoo, 250ml at £16.50

With how much I RAVE about this, how could I not take it? I take it every time I’m sleeping at a hotel or someone else’s house because it causes the less damage when I wash my hair, and by that I mean it doesn’t look like a serious murder scene, more than I’ve accidentally cut my finger scene in the bathroom. If you’ve ever had red hair, you’ll know. I’ve been sent this several times but I’ve bought it myself just as many, I trust this shampoo A LOT.

KC Professional Color Mask Shampoo at £13.95*

Just in case of an absolute colour emergency, I will be taking this bright red shampoo with me that I put on dry hair for a couple minutes before getting into the shower and I can literally top up my roots and fix my colour. I find that I don’t need a conditioner when I use this and although it’s a slightly different colour to the Cerise I am now, I’d still rather have redder patches than browny/grey/ginger patches.

Magical Quick Dry Potion (Travel Size) at £6.95 for 50ml*

I loveeeeee this product. I have never known my hair to dry as fast as what it does when I use this. With having brightly dyed hair, it means I can’t leave it wet to sleep as I’ll end up staining absolutely everything my hair comes into contact with whilst damp. Seriously not worth the hassle. It even has a UV filter so I’ll be spraying this on a daily to keep my hair safe!

Lee Stafford Double Blow Mousse at £5.99 and Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray at £7.99*

For styling it’s got to be Lee Stafford. On a spontaneous trip out I decided to style my soaking wet hair with this mousse and the sea salt spray and I seriously loved my hair. Effortless. Together they products do leave you with a slight hardness but you can soon work it out with your hands. I’ll definitely be using these all the time whilst in Spain!

As mentioned on a previous post, this dry shampoo really impressed me and so, it’ll be coming along! With my trusted No Drought from Lush just in case though, I worry a lot and therefore I am over packing.

DR PAWPAW 7 in 1 Hair Treatment Styler 150ml at £12.99*

Heat Protection. Detangler. Adds Shine. Reduces Split Ends. Leave-in Hair Treatment. Blowdry Styling Aid. Reduces Frizz and Smoothes
It does EVERYTHING and it smells incredible whilst doing everything you could possibly ever want from haircare.

Perfect Products to Take on HolidayPerfect Products to Take on Holiday



Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm 100ml at £14.85

This cleanser is seriously one of my favourites when it comes to wanting a really thorough cleanse that leaves your skin looking amazing, without the hassle of clothes, and having to double cleanse to ensure everything is off. It’s a cleansing balm that when water is added it turns into a milk and washes away without a care in the world. I’ve got lots of little sample sizes of Merumaya to take with me, the facemask and everything oil are going to be needed for a pick me up when the heat strikes. Any sunburnt skin or dull skin (as my skin always plays up when I’m away from home) will be taken care of! I’ve only got a little bit of the brightening peel left so this will definitely be a tactical last use one morning to pick my skin up, it’s an incredible product and I took way too long to finally try it!

Philosophy the Microdelivery Triple-acid Brightening Peel at £59.50

This product I wish I was sent as I go through so much but I always buy it myself. It’s the product that I need in my life and if I do go away without it, I notice my skin becomes bumpier and aggravated. I took this to Rome and after a couple days I gave myself an amazing facial and felt incredible. My makeup goes on better, my skin looks and feels better but it is NOT for daily use. At home I would say I use this once a month, as I try to hide it with it being so expensive. I tend to use it before shoots, events, and I take it whenever we’re going to London as my skin always feels disgusting there. It’s a two part peel, first you scrub your face with the incredible intense orange scrub, and then you add the activator gel that heats up your skin. I like to buff this in as much as possible and then leave it for as long as I can before washing it off. 
It. Is. Amazing.
I recently found that if I use this AFTER the Merumaya Skin Peel my skin feels even more amazing. 

Lancer The Method Polish 120g at £60.00 (mine is a sample size)

I got this months ago in a box of samples and I didn’t give it a second thought. After popping it in my travel bag and forgetting the above mentioned peel, I thought I’d try it out one night in a hotel and I was literally shouting with excitement. It feels just as rough as the above peel, it even heats up the same and it leaves my skin feeling amazing. I feel like it’s not quite as harsh, Philosophy is a 10/10 but this is a 9/10 and I’m taking it just in case, everything is just in case but if I don’t want to use a two step, this can be a quick alternative.

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist 50ml at £18.00 (mine is a sample size)

Hydrating, refreshing and it smells incredibly softening and relaxing. I shall spritz this of a night time to cool and calm my skin!

Aura Manuka Honey Mask 75ml £36.34 

When disaster strikes I have my manuka honey mask ready. I’m incredibly spotty lately and I don’t know if being in and out of the water constantly is going to help that or make it worse so I’m taking this incredibly hydrating and calming mask. It’ll also be amazing in case anyone gets sunburnt as honey can be amazing for healing the skin.

Sun Screen Velvet Face SPF 50+ 50ml at £18.67*

I cannot express how utterly pleased I am to have this in my life. It’s really been formulated incredible well to not only provide a SPF 50, which is seriously amazing, but it also works as a velvet primer. It feels like all the well known and loved names for primers, Benefit, Smashbox etc and it works just as well too. My makeup went on beautifully over the top of this but it’d equally be as beautiful to wear on its own with it’s mattifying ingredients. No white tint, water resistant and can take heavy makeup? I love it.

Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream £33.00 (mine is a sample size)

This is just a super luxurious night cream that I had in my stash and thought it’d be amazing to stick on at night time and feed my skin all the good things it needs. I love this range from Elemis and my skin feels so soft with it and I wake up feeling soft too. It’s definitely what I need on holiday.

Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action

I recently bought two Clearasil products after the recommendation from my friend, Music & Eyeliner, and I loved them at first but now I’m not sure. I’ll definitely be taking the pads with me but I’ve totally gone off the cream. It’s the only spot treatment cream I have at the moment so I might change my mind but I just hate creams that sit on your skin and peel off when you touch your face, it’s not a nice feel.

Perfect Products to Take on Holiday Perfect Products to Take on HolidayPhilosophy the Microdelivery Triple-acid Brightening Peel


Aloe Vera Spray on Moisturiser £1.99 for 200ml*

How can you argue with the price of this? A seriously lightweight moisturiser that leaves no greasiness at all. With the heat in Spain if I need to moisturise I want it to be quick, efficient, and not make me feel uncomfortable, this dries in seconds and has fast become a new favourite, especially as I can just spray it in places I can’t reach due to lack of stretching with my achy back!

SPF 50 Sensitive Sun Lotion £2.79 for 200ml

Water resistant sunblock for under £3? I’ve bought 2. Factor 50 may sound like a lot to some people, but I’ll still burn. I just have to think about the sun and I start to get hot so it’s better to be prepaid. Especially as I’ll be in and out of the water a lot, the water resistance really appealed to me.

Soothing Skin Gel 75ml for £14.99

I seriously raved about this when I first wrote about it and afterwards I immediately put it away as I knew it’d be the best thing to take on holiday. The Soothing Skin Gel can help with sun damage any sort of itches, bites, irritations of the skin at all. I tested this out of my most irritated skin, freshly squeezed skin for blackheads and my face went down immediately. The redness disappeared and nobody could tell what I had been doing. I just know it’s going to be out go-to, it will live in the fridge at our apartment for an extra cooling and soothing effect.
Sun Damage.
I’m also taking the HealGel Body at £39.50 for 100ml for the same reasons. This one has anti-inflammatory properties too so it might be good on achy ankles or whatever part of my body decides to ache next!

Biofreeze Pain relieving Gel £9.99

I use Biofreeze a lot after my Osteopath recommended it and it seriously helps, it has an INTENSE cooling effect, in the Winter it’d make me so cold I’d shiver but it freezes the area enough for you to be able to forget about the pain for a little while and just focus on the coldness instead. I remember a customer when I was working in Lush telling me about it, but at the time I was told I needed heat so I didn’t buy it, it has been a must have around me/with me whilst travelling. I don’t put it on during the day when I’m out and about but I could if I wanted, it’s mostly a bedtime/naptime thing when I’m in too much pain to sleep, this really helps.

Perfect Products to Take on Holiday

I’ve added stars next to the gifted products as I really wanted to emphasise on the products I’m showcasing here because I genuinely love them and not just because they’re on my review shelves. That’s not how I work.

What products do you HAVE to take on holiday?


This post features PR samples unless otherwise stated. For more details, read my disclaimer here.