Perfect Summer Products & What I Took on Holiday!

As always I was a ridiculous 3kg over my luggage allowance again! I would be annoyed but some of the creams I take on holiday cost more than the overweight fee so it’s really not worth throwing anything anyway at the last minute. There are some things that I just cannot go days without, so there’s no way I’m going weeks without them, therefore, here are my perfect summer products.

What Skin Needs is such an impressive brand. The Skin Balm and Soothing Skin Gel are such life savers. They can reduce skin irritation in a matter of minutes, getting completely rid of the signs of irritation in hours. I always have this on hand now and I was so excited to try out more from the range. The Skin Balm at £9.99 came away with us and even helped soothe my mum’s killer mosquito bite! As well as bites it was useful on sunburn, and heat rashes. I honestly cannot recommend the balm and gel enough. Seriously underrated products.

What Skin Needs

Usually I roll my eyes at another surprise Rimmel London parcel as I’m just not a huge fan of the brand or the products, but the red Super Gel Nail Varnish caught my eyes and ended up being the most brilliant red for all of my holiday photos. Especially with my new hair. It lasted all holiday, it didn’t chip, and I only repainted them because I was bored. I’m seriously impressed and I love the top coat too. This will be on my repurchase list, you may have swayed me, Rimmel! They sell for £5.99 each and they’re currently on 3 for 2 at Boots.

Rimmel London

I suffer from ingrowing hairs and they’re the bane of my life. So much so that they cause the skin in my legs to be so irritated that sometimes I itch and scar myself. Obviously that means I was more than excited to try out this Ingrow Go from Skin Doctors at £12. Unfortunately, it seriously stinks, but it does work. It is something that you’ve have to use every time you shave, as it doesn’t stop them indefinitely. You have to wait 12 hours after shaving and then soak some cotton wool and start applying it to where you’d normally suffer from ingrowing hairs. You’ll definitely see the results in a couple weeks time.

Ingrow Go from Skin Doctors

For suncare this year I decided to try Bioderma for the first time and I was not disappointed. I didn’t burn once (well only where no suncream was applied). Bioderma Photoderm MAX Spray SPF 50+ at £26 for 400ml, was utter perfection. Everyone was using it, the spray bottle made application really easy, and everyone tanned beautifully without the pain of burning. When the men did burn from lack of sunblock, the Bioderma Photoderm Après-soleil at around £12 for 200ml, was utter perfection and really calmed the skin. Alfie and Dad are both very bronzed now and didn’t have to suffer from the intense sting of sunburn. I didn’t end up taking the Bioderma Face SPF as I’m not into tints and it’s rather sticky and shiny, but it does work well under makeup.

I’ve also been using the Ameliorate Transformation Body Lotion at £22.50 and it really is fantastic. I’ve already had a bottle of this, but you really need to use it morning and night, every single day, for a couple of months, for it to truly work. This combined with being in the sun more, and my arms already look a little clearer of ‘chicken skin’. It’s the most impressive body lotion I’ve ever owned.

summer products

I normally don’t take any liquids with me on planes, but I made an exception to try out Footner CoolActive Massager. Unfortunately it wasn’t as impressive as I hoped and although it did leave parts of my feet feeling cooler, it didn’t touch them in tougher parts, like my heels. At £24.99 it’s definitely not something I could recommend and there’s plenty of cooling creams on the market that do a far better job.

I always have to take an exfoliating skin peel away with me, even if I’m gone overnight. There’s something about travelling that makes my skin play up. Usually I’d take a much harsher exfoliator, but I’ve really fallen in love with the Merumaya Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel (£19.50) for how quick, easy, and effective it is. You really need to pile on the SPF if you’re going out in the sun afterwards, but this is the best I’ve ever tried. I also couldn’t resist taking the Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm (£17.50) as I knew it’s the fastest and most effective way to take off a lot of makeup. I bought both of these myself using a discount code from She Might Be Magazine.

15% off Merumaya with code SMBMAG.

footner merumaya

I also took a couple Lush products with me, old favourites die hard. Breath of Fresh Air (£4.75) in the fridge for a spritz at any time of day or night, is such a summer essential. The cool, fresh smell and feel of it will really cool you down or even perk you up. I think we used the entire bottle whilst there for just 2 weeks! Of course you can refill and reuse the bottle too so that’s awesome. The Sunblock is a genius solid block of factor 30 sunblock that you apply in the shower. Saving time and effort! At £8.95 I definitely recommend trying it out, plus you can take some out and about with you too, simply just snap a block off or cut it. Keep it in a dry, cool place as it does melt easily too.

summer products


Our favourite thing we took on holiday though was definitely this SoundPeats P4 Bass Port Hi-Fi Portable Bluetooth Stereo, currently on sale for £35.68 reduced from £59.99. It’s a very impressive stereo and we had this on constantly, even next to the pool too. It has a touch screen for ease, it can even do hands-free calling, and it remembers all your paired devices for ease. It can work up to 10m in an open space and the battery lasts for 6-8 hours with only 4 hours of charge. It looks great, it’s very small and portable, and it provided us with hours of entertainment, including our new favourite game, ‘guess the song’.

Plus if you use code RFTIBZFO you can get 15% off!

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