Peplum on a Fuller Figure

When I saw a red peplum dress for £12.99 on Newlook my immediate thoughts were HELL NO you can’t wear that. However, seen as I’m trying to attempt different styles lately, against my supposedly better judgement I bought it.

plus size peplum dress


The dress on the picture doesn’t have the waistline I like at all, I refuse to have a tight outfit on around my tummy, that’s just not a good look on me. But with it being very stretchy material it meant that I could pull it up and hide everything under a belt. In my Cheeky purchase post I said I would team it with leggings and a cardigan, and I did.


peplum on a fuller figure

My bum looks massive in it, but in a good way, or at least I think so.

peplum on a bigger figure

Drunken Vogue pose in West Street live, I didn’t really check before making this pose. It was absolutely boiling and I was ridiculously hot, I even had to wet my entire hair before going out because it had gone completely straight – straighter than if I actually intended it to be that way! I had to use and take out with me, Lush’s sea salt spray to style it! Luckily that worked a treat and my hair resumed it’s normally curly look. Below is a close up of Myself and an ex-coworker/my bad influence/favourite Lushie, Emily. She’s a gorgeous human being, and she’s hot.

georgina grogan

Here I’m using Benefit’s they’re real mascara instead of my false lashes, I’m impressed. Due to my makeup flash on cameras always makes me look stupidly pale, but clear skinned so I can’t complain.

I’ve ordered one in black for work/my interview if it comes in time, pretty please Newlook?