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Now 2014 is here a lot of us are wanting to change our appearance and mix it up a little. Whether that’s a small change like adding a new product to your makeup bag, or a dramatic transformation like a hair cut, we’re all doing it or at least wanting to. Some of you may have seen on twitter that I’ve changed my hair a little, I’ve decided that now it’s the length I want, my challenge is now to get the colour I want.
I recently had a bleach bath which took me to an amazing bright orange colour, however, as I’m aiming for a noticeable red colour, that didn’t last long. Next we applied L’oreal Feria in the brightest red shade, in the past it took me to a beautiful colour but this time, I was neon red.
bleach bath hair, loreal feria
When I had red hair years ago my natural hair was very short so I had to use hair extensions. Clip in hair extensions are a great way to change your look for 2014 and Paul’s Hair and Beauty World have a wide range of colours at a really affordable price which means you can change your look on a budget!  I absolutely loved having the option to have short hair one day and long curly hair the next. It was also so much easier having half of your hair already done and waiting for you in the morning
red hair, extensions
One thing I haven’t tried is dip dye but I absolutely love this range of ‘funky’ dip dye hair extensions, they’re beyond beautiful and look so professional! Maybe that’s something I may try later on this year.
Have you guys made any changes yet, or are you planning to?
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