Paul Mitchell / Salon Success Event

Paul Mitchell and specifically the team at Salon Success really know how to look after bloggers and make us feel special. Every couple of months a select group of bloggers including myself, received a selection of products from Paul Mitchell and other brands such as Marula Oil, Awapuhi, and more. I believe they’re all owned by Paul Mitchell and then looked after by Salon Success. The products are sometimes the latest ones out, and other times they’re the staples from the brand or just ones that would suit the specific blogger better. For example I often receive Color Mask with having bright red hair so when I turned up to the event and everyone was talking about how good a range was on our tables, it happened to be the one I probably shouldn’t go near as it’s not good on dyed hair at all.

I like when brands take things into consideration like that, plus there’s nothing that angers me more than coming out of the bathroom with half of my dye missing from an unsuitable shampoo. Not long ago I attended an event in Leeds to meet the lovely ladies at Salon Success and talk more about the products that were in front of us, and the new brand that everyone seems to be going mad for, New ID.

Paul Michell’s Marula Oil range is something that I have tried out and reviewed in the past, and it actually has the best hair mask I’ve ever used. You can read that review HERE. I’m really happy to have the entire range again as I hate running out of things that I genuinely love, and now I don’t have to worry at all.
Paul Michell's Marula Oil
At the event I also received some products from the Awapuhi (a-wa-poo-i) range and although they aren’t suitable for my brightly dyed hair at all, everyone else seems to love them judging by how fast they’ve been used in the bathroom.
The makeup from New CID Cosmetics really excites me. Their i-groom eyebrow pencil is pretty much the most perfect natural brow colour ever, I think the colour I have is neutral judging by their website. The packaging is long gone as I use this constantly. It’s £20.50 which is expensive for an eyebrow pencil but once you try it yourself, you’ll not be bothered over the price at all. Another special mention for i-glow, a super dreamy compact shimmer powder and the colour Sirocco is actually light enough for me to use as a bronzer! This is £26 and comes in super lovely packaging with a handy mirror. The last product that really stood out for me was the i-smoulder in Chocolate, it’s absolutely beautiful with a shadow on one end and a pencil on the other. For £18.50 it’s exactly what you’d expect.
I really don’t get on with many lip and cheek colours so I can’t say that I’ve loved their lip products simply because I haven’t wanted to use them, when I have, they’re sheer, and the cheek/lip tint is a tad sticky. I also find having a light on a lipgloss very, how do you say tacky but nicely? You’d normally see it on products aimed at younger people. If I’m going to pay nearly £20 for a lipgloss I’m old enough to go find a well lit place to apply it….


awapuhi paul mitchellNEW cid cosmetics NEW cid cosmetics NEW cid cosmetics
Swatches above are the lipgloss, lip stick and lip tint, then eyebrow pencil in different formats, eyeliner/eyeshadow and then the bronzer.

Aren’t they pretty though!? I love the packaging.

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