Paul Mitchell Haircare Favourites

I really really love the Salon Success Blogger Program, but with so many amazing deliveries, I do get awfully forgetful. Not because the products aren’t good, but because they’re so good that I use them so much and so quickly! Then when the time comes to write up about them, there’s another delivery and I become obsessed with another product. Which means this post is FULL of amazing products from all the brands Salon Success look after. Not everything is suited to my hair, so I do have to pass things onto my parents, or Alfie to try out for me instead. Bright red hair is very temperamental but I still want to share everything with you all.

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Scalp Care Anti-Thinning

Anything for thin hair is sent upstairs to my parent’s bathroom and they seemed super happy with the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Scalp Care Anti-Thinning Range. (What a mouthful!)

The range features a colour-safe Shampoo and Conditioner that are super gentle at removing anything from the scalp helping to create the perfect scalp for thicker, stronger hair. It contains ginseng, turmeric, pea peptides, clover flower and more to help stimulate hair growth. There’s even a Tonic, which you spray twice a day for an extra hair growing boost. The Shampoo and Conditioner looked to be around £7.25, and the Tonic is £19.25.

Paul Mitchell United In Pink Blowout Kit

The Paul Mitchell United In Pink Blowout Kit is a steal at £49.65 worth of products for just £35! It contains the Extra Body Daily Shampoo, which is a great shampoo to increase shine and give your hair a good wash. The Extra Body Daily Rinse, which is all about conditioning and leaving your hair feeling silky, and finally the Extra Body Thicken UpThis is quite the powerful formula with UV protection, volumizing properties, as well as adding shine!

I really adored the Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint and the Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner, they’re super big bottles at 300ml and left my hair looking amazing. Not only do they smell amazing with mint, tea tree, and lavender, but they’re also fantastic ingredients to help hydrate and moisturise dry hair.

Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint

I really really really love that Salon Success send brushes because I seriously never buy any. I have 1 lonely brush that isn’t Paul Mitchell and it’s not even that good. I’m super impressed with the Paul Mitchell Neuro Round Styling Brush, and I should be as it’s a £20 brush. It helps create the smoothest and shiniest looks, and it has heat-resistant bristles, with a magnetic handle cap.

Ghds have become the only thing I use to style my hair, curlers are completely lost on me but I am trying to get used to the Paul Mitchell Limited Edition Metallic Express Ion 3-in-1They’re so lovely to look at with their rose gold finish and I love how many different looks you can create with them. I haven’t perfected them yet at all but hopefully one day! At £89.95 I think they’re a great investment to get everything from those beachy waves, to poodle tight curls.

Paul Mitchell Neuro Round Styling BrushPaul Mitchell Limited Edition Metallic Express Ion 3-in-1

I’ve also just received the Paul Mitchell Neon Range and it smells amazing. This is a super playful range that seems to be aimed towards a younger audience, the shampoo and conditioner are great for adding shine without too many oils, and there are some really great styling products for curls and braids. I love the travel friendly sizes too!

Paul Mitchell Neon
Have you tried anything exciting from Paul Mitchell lately?

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