The Partylite Candles Spring Collection

Everyone seems to be going absolutely crazy over candles, maybe they have been for a long time and I’ve just not noticed but more and more candle companies are coming to my attention and it seems like everyone already knows about them and has hundreds. Possibly a slight exaggeration, but the candle obsession is real. I appreciate a good candle but I’ve only ever found one that I truly loved (in my beauty gift guide post), the rest I just appreciate for a subtle, sweet, scent that looks aesthetically pleasing around the house. The Partylite Candles Spring Collection is definitely something I need to bring to candle obsessors attentions (unless you already know about them!) I had previously reviewed Partylite in a luxury favourites post, but if you didn’t see that and are too interesting in the new collection to go back, here’s a little breakdown.

Partylite offer an incredible range of different fragrances and candles to suit any home, office, or bathroom. They’re actually a part plan business so people can attend Partylite parties or host their own and share the product range with their friends and family. You can of course just stick to buying things online, but I can imagine they’ll be quite a few readers who would love a candle party!
The Partylite Candles Spring Collection The Partylite Candles Spring Collection
First up from their Spring Collection are these adorable Butterflies Porcelain Tea-light pair at £28.95. I wasn’t quite expecting them to be so expensive, but if you’re into butteries they do look darling. Would I say worth £28? No, but then I’m not one to spend a fortune on tea-light holders…

Something a little different is this new Smartscent by Partylight, a little flower holder with scent sticks! The fresh home fragrances come in 7 scenes, including 3 neutralising scents too. You can mix and match them, they don’t requite a flame making them child-friendly and the scents can last up to 30 days. We currently have ours in the living room and we all love it! They’re all different prices but look to be just under or over £15 depending on what shape you prefer.

I was also scent another Glolite candle which are amazing, they literally glow up whilst burning away and create a real relaxing atmosphere in any room. They look to be around £21 too, which is pretty average if not a little cheaper than most candles its size? Candle experts can confirm this.

I just absolutely adore the Partylite catalogue it’s so beautifully put together and incredible for bedroom inspiration, I actually have my eye on the Forbidden Fruits tea-light holders for my new room (oh yes, before and after posts coming as soon as it’s complete!) But seriously, check out their catalogue for the most beautiful looking candles that would really make a room, and that’s coming from me, the candle newbie!

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  • I’ve never tried anything from Partylite before but I’ve always heard good things about them! Those butterfly tea light holders are gorgeous, but I agree with you and think they’re a bit pricey! I love the look of flower holder with the scent sticks – I’ll definitely have to take a look into those! Great post and lovely photos x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

  • That flower holder is so cute.