Parfait Lingerie Marion in Lapis Blue Review – AD

A couple months ago I got to try out my first Parfait Lingerie Bra and it become one of my favourites instantly. The thicker band, thicker straps, light padding, and beautiful design meant that it was hard not to like it! The comfort of Parfait was so welcomed and ever since I’ve wanted to try more. Well now that’s happening as I’m working with Parfait this year on their Perfect Figure campaign to show you so many of their beautiful styles. Parfait are working with such a diverse range of people to show you that ever body is beautiful and obviously that’s a message that I support 110%. If you haven’t seen yet (where have you been!?) I actually started up She Might Be Magazine which is a body positive space featuring lots of familiar faces. Life is too short to not like yourself so I want to spread as much body positivity and self love as I possible can.

The Parfait Linger Marion in Lapis Blue is a stunning bra, straight away the lace detailing and cut out attracts your eye. It looks fancy and of course, it’s super comfortable. Would you believe that this isn’t actually a padded bra? It’s a three-part cup style but it has no additional padding at all. It has all the lift and shape of padding, but it’s completely soft to the touch which really surprised me.

Parfait Lingerie Marion in Lapis Blue, bra review, georgina grogan, shemightbelovedParfait Lingerie Marion in Lapis Blue, bra review, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved
The straps are double lined giving you extra comfort and you really do notice their softness. I took these photos in my home office as I think of non-padded bras as a more everyday bra. Although this looks good enough for a boudoir shoot, or even the bedroom, it’s just really comfortable to wear and therefore I class it as practical.

Of course if you want to love and respect your bras you should hand wash them and line dry. I know most of us still don’t (guilty) but it really does make your bras last a lot longer and keep their shape for longer.

There are matching pants for the Marion Lapis Blue set, search P5395 to find them. They’re so stunning but I’d definitely recommend sizing up. The code for the bra is P5392 and I’m wearing a 40G. I can’t wear 38s due to my back pain, but if I could I would be a 38GG/H. The middle part of the part is about 1 cm away from where it should be but I find that this offers me the more comfortable fit for my chronic pain. I would always recommend being properly measured and to always wear your correct bra size.

Have you tried Parfait Lingerie before?

This post is a collaboration with Parfait Lingerie.