Panache’s Modelled by Role Models is back! Nominate Now! – AD

Panache’s Modelled by Role Models is back

So many brands seem to be unfortunately getting everything wrong lately whether it be asking everyone to work for free or actually insulting customers, but Panache aren’t going to be one of them. Following the success of last year, Panache launched their 2016 series of ‘Modelled by Role Models’ on March 8th, to coincide with International Women’s day, and that’s obviously been done for a very important reason. This time Modelled by Role Models is asking the public to nominate who their female role model is.  This campaign is about celebrating women who inspire you, who make your world a better place and who make you want to be the best possible version of yourself. It’s such a beautiful thing to do, to nominate someone in your life who has really touched on your life for the better.

Modelled by Role Models’ in 2015 featured world renowned model Marquita Pring, Sports Therapist Amy Hughes, British T34 Paralympic wheelchair champion Hannah Cockcroft, Senior Nurse Rachel Elliott, British singer Mica Paris and blood and organ donation campaigner Martyna Kaczmarek.

Panache's Modelled by Role Models is back

The plan for this year’s Modelled by Role Models is that they will shortlist 15 people from the public nominations and eventually get a final 6 who will be in their next ‘modelled by role models’ campaign (if you didn’t see it last year this is one of the videos they did Which means these women will be featured in a photoshoot and then their photos will be across Panache’s website, social channels and across online and offline press!
Panache have always strived to want to make women feel comfortable in their own skin and realise that usually mainstream models are admired for how they look, rather than what type of people they actually are. Panache want to champion the next generation of role models and make them women that deserve the title. Strong, fearless women!

The nominations are open and you can vote here closing date for nominations is April 3rd! It can be any ordinary women who does amazing things. Isn’t it nice to spread some positivity and love to other women?

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