Pampering with Maple Holistics

Maple Holistics
I really am a fan of smaller brands who have a focus on aromatherapy and natural ingredients. The brands who don’t spend a fortune on packaging and instead just have incredible products, Maple Holistics is one of these brand and I’m so glad I’ve had the chance to try them out. They use a lot of the purest and highest quality ingredients which means that you can definitely feel the desired effects of the products, as well as actually smell them, as they pack quite a punch!
Pampering with Maple Holistics
My favourite product is by far the Natural Lavender Bubble Bath with Relaxing Essential Oil Formula at $8.95. As soon as I smelt this bottle I headed straight to the bath to try it out and the aroma is out of this world. It creates such a bubbly and relaxing atmosphere. It’s not so much moisturising, but definitely bubbly and obviously the scent of lavender relaxes you immensely. My second favourite is definitely the 100% Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask with Essential Oils at $13.77, which is such a cheap price considering how much mask you actually get inside. Clay masks are my all time favourites, especially which such oily skin as they help dry it out, without drying my skin out completely. They leave my skin feeling softer and looking brighter than before too.
The Assuage Natural Foot Scrub with Pumice Stone for Men & Women at $13.77 is something that everyone needs. The feet are, as you all know, the most neglected part of the body, so have something like this around is fabulous. Not only is it a fantastic and harsh scrub, but it also smells amazing and helps combat any bad smells on the feet. It contains Pumice Stone, which you’ll see around a lot when it comes to feet and is definitely a perfect thing to use on them. Finally, the Natural & Organic Eucalyptus Bath Salts at $19.99. A slighter pricier product for the added luxury that it brings. My house instantly smelt amazing throughout when Alfie first tried these out in the bath. They smell absolutely out of this world and it is so concentrated. The bathwater feels instantly softer and if you have a cold, or need a pick me up, this is the product for you.
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