Pampering my Feet with ClearZal!

I’m really not exaggerating when I say the only time I do my feet, is when I ‘have to’ for the blog. I know, it’s really bad to admit to, but I know I’m not alone. Often we always complain about how dry our feet are, even when they scrape against the bed sheets, but how many of us actually get out and apply some cream? Yeah, didn’t think so. Me either though, so no judgement here, but it does give me a lot of motivation when a company emails to review their foot things, and it just so happened that I was a little spoilt by ClearZal. Now I have Alfie, and with my back I am 90% reliant on other people, it does mean that being able to do my feet without putting myself in pain for days isn’t a reality, however, using the blog as an excuse, I’ve had quite a few foot pampers lately!


Pampering my Feet with ClearZal!
I’m a generous woman, and not freaked out by feet at all like some people, so he’s had plenty back and I really will admit, after years of putting on weird smelling creams onto my Mum’s feet as a child, these are actually enjoyable to have on yourself, and use on other people. ClearZal have a wide range of products to solve pain, moisture and just general pampering. I’m more inclined to use products on my feet if they’re in pain, so long days, lots of walking or just if my achy back decides to ask other parts to join in. This means that I’m definitely taken by the pain section and the Reliving Roll on!
Although the pain relief is definitely what I want, I really find I get a lot more of it from the Busy Feet cream as it feels so tingly, fresh and as if my feet are being renewed completely. It’s such a weird feeling, and it almost feels like it’s burning a little with the menthol, but it honestly makes my feet feel ready to go another 10 hour day in just a matter of minutes! I had a similar product to this whilst I was in Rome and everyone ended up putting it on and feeling a little better, I just wish we had ClearZal at the time, we would have been running everywhere! Plus, it’s $11 with $7 shipping from the US, so converted over it’s £11.50 and definitely worth it.
Pampering my Feet with ClearZal!
I never find anything special about foot creams, and this isn’t just an opening line so that I can turn it around to be a huge positive as I still don’t find anything special with this one. It’s just another foot cream to me, granted, it’s really nice, but compared to the pain reliving products, there’s nothing that will wow. The foot soak is definitely something I need more of in my life, it’s tea tree based which is fantastic for smelly feet to neutralise smells, plus it’s non foaming so it won’t dry your skin out. It’s made from salts and minerals that will soften, soothe and cleanse the feet and it’s actually really enjoyable to use. You don’t need much at all and a tub will last a really long time. It’ll be roughly £12 converted over with the shipping on top, so again, I’d say it’s definitely worth it.
Overall my experience with ClearZal is really making me consider stopping being so lazy with my feet, as these are such a joy to use. My favourite by fair is Busy Feet and it’s definitely going to be my new favourite travel companion!
Do you pamper your feet or are you lazy like me?



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