Pampering Balance Me Products

Pampering Balance Me Products
I really do utterly adore Balance Me products, there’s just something about the simplicity of the packaging and the sheer beauty of the ingredients inside that make them one of my favourite brands. This month I’ve been trying out a couple things for the face and body and of course, I’m impressed. So much so, that this post has been delayed whilst I snapped up the perfect picture to really show off these products and how much I’ve enjoyed using them, well, that and the fact my new blog design makes me a complete perfectionist when it comes to quality of photos (totally not because I spent a fortune on a camera.)
I started off with trying the new facial products for the Collagen Boost range and they are heavenly. Although my time in skincare has taught me that you can’t actually put collagen back into the skin, as collagen cells are too big to penetrate the epidermis, I do know that with good skincare and a healthy lifestyle, you can keep the collagen you have nice and healthy. That’s why although I love how the COLLAGEN BOOST Restore and Replenish Face Cream at £40 for 50ml feels, it’s not entirely going to do what you think.
Balance Me
It’s meant to by a hydrating daily cream that boosts collagen production and helps the skin to be able to repair and restore itself. Collagen in products will basically help fine lines and wrinkles temporary, but as it won’t actually reach your inner collagen, it’s not going to boost your overall levels or help with ageing in a longer period of time. I love using it, and at 20, my collagen cells are soon going to start diminishing, if they haven’t already, but I run a no bullshit site, and just because a product says it can do something, doesn’t mean it actually can. Overall, the ingredients such as Amino Acids, Hyaluronic Acid, and antioxidant-rich Blackberry Leaf Extract do make it a super luxurious cream, and maybe if it was £10 cheaper, I’d say it was worth it. This is just a luxury product, at a luxury price, that will provide short term results if used daily. I do recommend it, but not if you’re looking to knock off ten years as it won’t do that.
Obviously I don’t need to go over the same issue with the Balance Me COLLAGEN BOOST Restore and Replenish Cream Cleanser, at £18 for 125ml. This is just a super creamy cleanser which isn’t amazing at taking makeup off unless you use cotton wool or a cloth, but better used in the morning on clean, makeup free skin. It is meant to take makeup off, and maybe it does if you only wear a small amount, but I ended up in quite the mess so I wouldn’t try that one again. In a morning this feels super moisturising and cleansing, with neroli, frankincense and magnolia leaf it has a wonderful smell and my skin feels beautiful afterwards. Again, it’s definitely a luxury product and at a reasonable price that I would personally buy it at.
Balance Me
Despite the collagen issue, I still love Balance me and one product I have not stopped using all month is the Balance Me ROSE OTTO Body Wash, at £9 for 200ml. It reminds me a lot of a much more expensive Liz Earle body wash but at, possibly, half the price! It is such a beautiful fragrance and has such a premium feel to it. I’m not surprised that it’s award-winning as it’s even suitable for the most sensitive of skins as it helps to calm down irritation and hydrate. It’s sulphate free and incredible soothing whilst full of essential oils, I’ve even brought the very last bit of it with me whilst I work from Alfie’s and even he loves it! I’ll definitely be picking up another one of these soon.
Lastly, the SUPER MOISTURISING Body Oil at £24 for 200ml. I have incredibly irritated legs, they have always been that way and they become nearly impossible to handle after I’ve shaved them, which is why I love caking my legs in products. This oil is actually 100% natural and perfect to help dry skin, it even says it can help with stretch marks by keeping the area hydrated. With neroli, rejuvenating rosehip, jojoba, wheat germ, borage, calendula it soothes whilst helping the skin’s elasticity and even has a little bit of sparkle in it!


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  1. 28th July 2015 / 1:38 pm

    I’ve never tried anything from Balance Me or heard much about them either tbh.. But that Super Moisturising Body Oil sounds fab! I think I might wait for it to go on sale though haha x

    TR’s Thoughts

  2. Kiera Murrell
    28th July 2015 / 4:54 pm

    I’ve never heard of Balance Me and thanks to this post I will be ordering some bits from here for definite.

  3. Claire Cavanagh
    28th July 2015 / 5:48 pm

    I didn’t know that about collagen so thanks for the heads up! I’ve tried one or two Balance Me products before and have always enjoyed them, just a shame some of them are a bit pricey 🙂

    Claire | | xx