Pamper Treats with Base Formula.

I know what you’re thinking, another skincare post, really Georgina? I know, I’m sorry, I’m obsessing over facial creams, masks, everything skincare lately and I can’t help myself. But lucky for you all, that means that there’s an massive selection of products to read about and choose from to suit your every need. After coming out in yet another huge breakout (thank you, hormones), I’ve turned to my most natural skincare, Base Formula. I recently reviewed their incredible Facemask kit, where you could make your own facemask and consistency, I was wowed with how it made my skin feel. Overall I think anything from Base Formula makes a brilliant pamper night, but here’s what I’ve been using lately…

This week I’ve been trying out their Aloe Vera, Elderflower & Seaweed Eye Gel at £6.50, which is packed with cooling ingredients. Perfect for combating the signs of tired or ageing skin. You can either use this as a weekly under eye mask and take off with a cotton pad, or a daily treatment underneath your makeup. I use it for both morning and night as it soothes my eyes and makes the area moisturised before makeup, as well as calming them for night time.

On top of that I’ve been using the Neroli Moisture Cream with Guava Extract at £9. Neroli is a skin reparative, which means it heals scars, stretch marks, and everything else as it helps the skin’s elasticity. Which means it’s perfect for my scarred cheeks. I’ve been coating my skin in a thick layer at night and leaving it to even out my skin tone. The rest of the ingredients are pretty impressive also….


Finally, a good skincare and pamper routine isn’t complete without something relaxing and fun for the bath, that’s where the Ylang Ylang & Grapefruit Bath Salts with Rose Petals (£6) come into play. A very strong, uplifting smell, which I must admit, is far too strong for me until it’s in the water.

I’m yet to restock up on my facemask as every time I go to order I start getting distracted and end up with an extremely expensive basket. I’m in love with Base Formula as they use the most natural ingredients making me feel completely safe with what I’m putting on my face. Have you tried them yet?