Pamper Day with La Tasca Meadowhall

For Mother’s Day this year I was contacted by one of my favourite restaurants, La Tasca, to run a very special competition with them. To enter you would simply have had to dine at La Tasca Meadowhall or Ecclesall road (that is sadly no more, as it has closed down) and one lucky winner from each venue was picked at random to win a Personalised Shopping Experience with me! I would be lying if I said organising this day was stress free, however, it was absolutely amazing in the end, and I really couldn’t imagine it going better. The two lucky winners were found at last minute due to unforeseen circumstances, and ended up being the lovely Trish and the beautiful Adele.

La Tasca Meadowhall

My wonderful friend and fellow Lushie, Ruby, joined us to help out and also to share her knowledge of the beauty world. Ruby and I have completely different skin types, styles and personalities so I thought that by having her on board, we could cover everything together. We started off the day by grabbing a coffee and having a chat at Costa Coffee before heading to Debenhams’ Personal Shopper changing rooms which they kindly let us use. After a rather big delay from a lot of confusion, we finally decided to head out and start looking at the clothes. There was a lot of ‘that’s really nice’ with a hint of ‘that’s too bright for me’, where my reply was always ‘pick it up and you can try it on anyway!’ It was great to see that Trish and Adele really wanted to get out of their comfort zones and try new things on. Both had gotten so used to wearing darker colours and were shocked to see just how fabulous they look in bright and bold prints! Due to the lack of time we had after the confusion, this was mainly all on video, which wouldn’t screenshot in to a reasonable quality, so you can see some of the outfits they tried on before. Below is Adele on the left, and Trish on the right for their before shots.
La Tasca Meadowhall
After trying on all the beautiful outfits and turning two women from hating mirrors to not being able to stop looking at themselves, it was time to head over to Elemis to start with the real pamper. We were all shocked to see that Elemis in Debenhams Meadowhall have their own little spa room that’s quite different to traditional, clinical feel to most spas. Instead this was a rather Luxurious room, decorated in golden browns and darker, warmer colours. It had a real cosy feeling to it, which both Adele and Trish commented on how beautiful it was. I’ve never seen happier, or more beautiful skin than when Adele and Trish left the room. They looked at peace and as if their skin had been airbrushed on. Both facials lasted around 15-30 minutes and were carried out wonderfully. With their beautifully prepared skin, we headed off to Estée Lauder for their  makeovers. Below you can see during, and after their makeovers.
La Tasca Meadowhall
Beauty Counter makeovers are probably my worst nightmare, however, I was willing to bite my tongue harder than usual. After wandering off, Adele and I returned back to a far-too-polite-for-her-own-good Ruby and a rather different Trish. Trish had asked for a heavier coverage, which at Estée Lauder with their amazing products, is definitely possibly. However, after looking in more natural light, and worrying looks from us all, it was decided that the new Double Wear BB cream would be a better option. Trish’s skin looked flawless, she didn’t lose any of her beautiful freckles and had a real glow about her. Throughout the makeover, I won’t sugar coat it, I did feel like a protective mother. But in the end, both ladies look wonderful and very naturally enhanced. They were both pleased with the end result and the makeup artists at Estée Lauder even gave Trish a couple of tips for if she would like to attempt the same look at home, which was really nice of them. Trish and Adele were then handed two goodie bags, each with a big beach bag and lots of different perfume samples in them. Adele also had a surprise of a poker set inside her goodie bag, you can see her reaction below.
La Tasca Meadowhall

Finally we headed off to La Tasca, and I was very pleased to see that the Assistant Manager, Judith, was serving us as I always look forward to seeing her smiling and friendly face there. Judith is also my favourite there as I never have to order a drink any more, she just knows that I want my Woowoo! A fantastic finish to the day as we were told to order whatever we wanted, as Trish and I were big fans of La Tasca we were certainly ready to recommend our favourite dishes. Everything at La Tasca is beautiful, the décor, the staff, especially the food and the atmosphere that makes you never want to leave. We must have sat for hours laughing, joking, and generally enjoying the ambiance of La Tasca. It’s one of my favourite places to go, and my family and I will even stop in just for a drink sometimes to boost our spirits during a shopping trip. It certainly made a good impression on Ruby and Adele also as they seemed very pleased with everything, and we were even fighting over who gets the last whatever on the plates! By the end of it, there was no room for desserts as we were definitely too full. Judith also offered to take this lovely photo for us as a great way to remember the entire day.I decided to use this day to start off a hopefully more frequently uploaded Youtube Page, of course called, She Might Be Loved where you can see more from the day!

A special thank you to Debenhams for organising Elemis and Estée Lauder, and a massive thank you to the amazing team at La Tasca Meadowhall for making this all possible!
Here’s Trish’s thoughts on the day:
‘First I feel I should thank the lady who pulled out of this Mother’s Day treat. She’ll never know what she’s missed! We started our day in Debenhams. There’s offered us the services of Personal Shopper. I’d never used personal shopper. It was wonderful and I can recommend it especially if you’re thinking of a change in wardrobe. They have a great little area where you can discuss likes, colour choice or something completely different to your usual choice. All this while sipping coffee. After that it was like playing ‘dress up’ Georgina and the lovely Ruby had just as much fun as us. If you’ve ever complained about the mirrors in changing rooms, complain no more. Debenhams Personal Shopper changing room has to be seen. Mirrors surround you, there’s no twisting and turning to see if ‘my bum looks big in this’. With the help in choosing our dress, the answer was ‘no’ .
Following dress-up we moved onto a facial. I expected to be plonked in the middle of the make-up department for a swipe over with cleanser, toner and moisturiser. We did get that but not In front of everyone. We had a fantastic relaxing treatment. A quiet room as good as any in a spa. The chair/bed even has a massager. Our lovely therapist did a wonderfully relaxing facial treatment. The products felt and smelled gorgeous. I floated out and over to the Este Lauder department for a make-up. Now I’m a woman of a certain age, even so I learned a lot of hints and tips. I have to say I did look good. Note to self, Add regular trips for a proper demonstration. It’ll save a fortune knowing the right makeup for me. After all this spoiling in various departments in Debenhams, we were treated to dinner. If you’ve never had tapas La Tasca is the place to go. Authentic Spanish decor, staff that make you feel like old friends. They advised a selection of dishes. An excellent choice of food too. We cleared the plates. Which is why I had try one or two of their cocktails Thank you to all the wonderful people who gave their time, experience and gastronomic delights to us. A huge thanks to you to you, Georgina. I can’t imagine how much time and energy you put into arranging this brilliant Mother’s Day Treat.