O’right hair – Looks Fantastic

Working at Lush has meant that there’s nothing I love and more than when a product has a good back story and the company has amazing ethics. Not that I disregard companies who just make a good product, I just feel encourage to try and buy things when I know they do good. In this case O’Right regards themselves as a ‘brand representing the green lifestyle.’ which immediately I want to know about. After looking into the company I found out that the CEO developed the product as he wanted to keep people away from harmful chemicals and from that came this amazingly green collection of products. The best part about the products are that they’re 100% biodegradable. I know, you’ve probably heard that a hundred times already, but have you heard of a product that after the container biodegrades, there’s a seed inside the packaging waiting to sprout and grow into a tree? If you have, I’ll be impressed. But for me, that’s really clever packaging and definitely something that more companies should look in to.

O'right hair - Looks Fantastic.

Anyway, by now you’re probably wondering if the products are even good, and I can 100% confirm that they are amazing. The Hut Group kindly sent me a little selection of products for coloured hair from Look Fantastic. Straight away I was pleased to have the colour protection and a big bottle of conditioner as my hair needs an awful lot. I was sent the Golden Rose Colour Care Shampoo, conditioner and hair oil which are all for coloured, damaged hair. As you can see below from pictures of the start, middle and end of the month my hair really hasn’t lost it’s colour at all despite only being dyed twice with semi-permanent colours and being washed everyday.
O'right hair - Looks Fantastic results, red hair, plus size, georgina grogan
Photos are from my posts on The Curve, Voodoo Vixen and an upcoming post with Faith from Music and Eyeliner!
The Golden Rose Colour Care Shampoo, £15.75*, is listed as 95/8% natural and has certified organic foaming agents, it protects and maintains colour whilst giving it a beautiful shine. Throughout the month I have only needed to dye my hair TWICE, compared to my usual four times, it’s a welcomed improvement. The Golden Rose Colour Care Conditioner, £18.95*, is listed as 90.5% natural and doesn’t have the silicone feel like most cheap conditioners. Instead it’s a thick cream that really coats the hair and leaves it really silky without the bad ingredients. My favourite of the collection has to be the Golden Rose Oil*, which made me never worry about putting too much oil in my hair all month! It soaks right in no matter how much you use, leaving the hair soft, shiny, and moisturised. It even helps to renew the cuticle and protect the colour. It’s a little pricey at £27 but after trying it for the entire month, I can completely recommend it to anyone, it’s one of the best hair oils I’ve ever tried.
Have you thought about going more natural on your hair?