I absolutely love having the chance to properly try out a foundation. It’s very rare that anyone will ever go into a department/drug store, with a clear face and properly try a foundation on. Often we just try it on a small patch of our face, or even our hands, get home and end up absolutely hating it. On the rare chances that I’ve had the opportunity to try it out in the comfort of my own home, I’ve fortunately absolutely loved them. Oriflame’s new Perfect Fusion Foundation (£9.95) is a true delight, it’s a medium coverage that smells lovely and glides on for a beautifully natural look that can be built up easily without looking too much.
oriflame makeup
It’s a perfect colour match in Porcelain which is the lightest shade. Along with the foundation came a multipurpose moisturising balm called Tender Cares (£4.95), that smells of blackcurrant and is in a very pretty egg like container. You can use it anywhere, elbows, ankles etc. The Colour Drop Lipstick (£4.95) is a dark red/brown colour and isn’t very pigmented but can be built up. Finally an absolutely fantastic mascara, the Master Curl (£5.95), with a curved wand and thick bristles I didn’t think much but as soon as I applied it I was very impressed.
eye with oriflame mascara on

Left: Foundation, lipstick and mascara.
Right: top is one coat, bottom is two coats.

My eyelashes are in rather bad shape right now due to an incident with some very cheap eyelashes curlers cutting parts of mine off, which means they haven’t been looking their best at all. However, I am recovering slowly (incredibly slowly) and getting through the trauma of losing them. Overall, I’m really impressed with Oriflame, everything is a really reasonable price but at a high quality.