Opening Up The Body Shop Huddersfield!

At the end of April, The Body Shop Huddersfield were reopening their doors with a newly refurbished store and they asked me to have the honour of opening it up and cutting the ribbon! I can’t say this is a weekly request so I was quite excited. On arrival we were so looked after by the lovely ladies of the store and shown around, had the new layout explained to us and had the chance to start playing with everything before the store opened. The new refurbished store is the first in the UK I believe and it really does show off a new modern approach for The Body Shop. Not that they were ever behind or old fashioned, but the new store really does throw them into the future. With high tech iPad stations, pump powered sinks and dedicated pamper areas, the shop is more suited for long stays than a quick shop around and I really love that. The staff were so attentive to everyone entering, with many pampers all around as I noticed on my tour around all the new products and existing ones. I love the packaging update and the new ranges really impressed me. (Blurry photos because Alfie was messing with my camera settings, ugh!)

The Body Shop Huddersfield The Body Shop HuddersfieldThe Body Shop

For opening up the Huddersfield store, the ladies there put together a goodie box, not bag, an actual full on heavy box and it is seriously amazing. I haven’t used anything from The Body Shop in quite a while, not because I didn’t want to, but simply because I’ve just had too much to use and use up. Having a chance to really get to know their new products has made me a huge fan. I cannot stop using them all, to the point where a couple are half empty already.

I thought I’d split this into the different collections for ease. Starting off with makeup! In this incredible bundle I found the new Instaglow creams in Bright Glow and Peachy Glow at £14 each. I love wearing Bright Glow underneath my makeup for an extra glowing base. Peachy glow would be more suitable for a darker skin tone than mine. They’re quite lightweight and moisturising, great to use on bare skin if you just want the tiniest coverage with a glow.

Another part of their makeup collection I received was the Instablur also at £14 which has been compared to the likes of Benefit and Smashbox. After trying both of them and now this, I can definitely say that it’s an identical feel and the same amazing results but at a slash of the price. I’m sold and I definitely won’t be buying the pricier ones again.

The Body Shop InstaglowThe Body Shop Instablur

Taking off my makeup with the Camomile Cleansing Butter was absolutely heavenly. It took of my drag-queen like makeup effortlessly and thoroughly which is exactly what I look for in a cleanser. To me it’s on the same level as Lush’s Ultrabland and Merumaya’s Cleansing Balm and it’s conflicted me so much that it might because my new travel companion. I love nothing more than an easy cleanser and this was really that. So much so that I demonstrated it with one hand whilst Snapchatting (add me: georginagrogan.) At £13 it compares in price to similar products and so it really depends on what just leaves your skin feeling the best. I’m definitely a fan.

After taking off my makeup I love nothing more than a scrub, I’ve talked about this so much recently and it’s probably because I’ve been scrub mad with the Vitamin C Microdermabrasion at £15. On my hand in the store it did feel a lot drier and more refined, whereas when I used my own tube it seemed to be a lot more moisturising and therefore it wasn’t quite as well as a harsh scrub for once a week usage. Instead I’ve been using it almost every day, pressing on where I need it and not where I don’t. I’ve noticed a slight reduction in blackheads as my skin clogs so easily, but it’s nothing like my Microdelivery Peel from Philosophy, I LOVE that and can’t be without. I’d definitely stay stocked up on this, but I can’t help but think I need to leave the lid off and let it dry out a little to get the effects I want? I’ll try.

Cleansing, scrubbing and now it’s time for a facemask, but it wasn’t complete love. The Seaweed clay mask is amazing, especially on my oily skin but the Mineral & Ginger mask wasn’t for me. It heats up and I know that ingredients that make facemasks heat aren’t exactly the kindest. It left me rather red and irritated, well my skin sure did look it so I couldn’t keep it on that long. The Seaweed Clay mask is only £14 and the tub is huge! This is going to last a really long time and I’m so pleased about that. The warming Mineral & Ginger mask is a little cheaper at £11 but I’m definitely not going to be putting this back on anytime soon, it’s a no from me.

The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion The Body Shop seaweed facemask

There’s two steps I can take after a mask and that’s either the Oils of Life range or Drops of Youth range. Both completely new to me and not necessarily perfect for my oily skin but I am really starting to certain products from the ranges. The best by far and a product I am now utterly obsessed with is the Sleeping Mask at £24. It. Is. Incredible. It’s not often I react to a product in this way, but even when I asked my brother’s girlfriend to try it out she literally shouted at me in the bathroom that she thought this one was the best. It’s a weird cream, ‘bouncy’ is the word they use to describe it and it’s meant to make your skin feel bouncier and therefore helps with ageing. It’s love and I’ll definitely be buying this when it runs out eventually, and I say eventually as you really don’t need much and it goes a long way.

The Drops of Youth Concentrate at £25 is great to use beforehand as it helps the skins surface to appear softer and feel it too. It’s one of those water-based ones so it’s super lightweight and fantastic for my oily skin. The Oils of Life range on the other hand is super moisturising. The Sleeping Cream is meant to nourish, hydrate and really add all the oils into the skin. At £28 I can definitely say it’s worth trying, especially if you have drier skin. The Bi-phase Essence Lotion at £15 is basically oil mixed with water and it definitely feels like that too. It didn’t really impress me to use much of it or to be able to say much about it unfortunately but I’m definitely interesting in trying other ‘toner’ like products out from The Body Shop. The Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil at £28 is exactly what it says it is, seriously intense. Again, not good for my oily skin at all but absolutely beautiful regardless.

The Body Shop drops of youth sleeping maskThe Body Shop oils of life sleeping cream
Finally, we’re onto body care! The body care at The Body Shop is something that I’ve always used, from the scrubs to the body butters, I always have something somewhere. Usually I would just go for a scented range like the new Pinita Colada but I also now have the new Spa of the World Range which is pretty dreamy. The Body Butter at £14 is as always is beautifully creamy and highly scented, the Cream Body Scrub at £15 has shredded pieces of coconut which make it extra exciting and the Shower Gel at £5 carries on the smell so you can layer up. I’m not crazy for the smell of pinita coladas but I do love the formulas.

The Body Shop pinita coladaThe Body Shop spa of the world range

The Spa of the World range is really something beyond what I was expected. From the packaging alone you can see that these products are going to be mightier from the rest and their formulas really do impress. *Whilst getting the links up I’ve just seen that this range also includes body clay and now I am screaming with excitement inside, I so NEED to try them!*
The 3 products I received include the Dead Sea Salt Scrub at £23, this scrub impressed me so much it’s unreal. After asking Alfie to scrub my back so we could try it out, he liked the feel of it that much that the split second I stood up, he was in my bath asking me to scrub his back too! Now that’s the response you want when you try out a new product, ha! HUGE pieces of sea salt somehow form one of the most thorough scrubs of my life and then it leaves your skin feeling moisturised and cleaner than ever.  The Japanese Camellia Cream, also at £23, is absolutely beautiful. It smells incredible, it’s beyond thick, like one of the thickest creams I’ve ever used and it leaves your skin feeling glorious. Finally, I also received the Egyptian Milk Honey Bath which is a powder that you add to your baths for a pampering effect for the mind and body. With products like this I always use too much because if I can’t feel a difference on my skin, I add more and so half the packet is gone already in just 3 baths. At £14 I can’t complain too much but it’s not something I would buy myself. Although, it’s a great idea for a gift.

This really is the luxury range of The Body Shop and a definite one to try, whatever you end up trying! As you can see I didn’t get on with everything, but there’s no BS on this blog so I’ll just tell you straight up.

Thanks so much to The Body Shop Huddersfield, you have an amazing team!



*Not necessarily PR samples but these were an actual gift to say thanks for opening up The Body Shop Huddersfield*