One of My Favourite Makeup Brands – theBalm


theBalm have been one of my favourite makeup brands for SO long now, and it all started with their Mary Lou Manizer Highlighter. It’s the most beautiful highlight ever, especially on super pale skin. I think I have around 5 now and I don’t really like using anything else. Well, except a tiny bit of Colour Pop on top for an extra glow. theBalm is something that I’d happily spend money on, and have done many times in the past because it’s just such good quality.

theBalm Manizer Sisters – £24

This is a perfect introduction to the brand as you get to try their trio of shimmering shades, these effortlessly glam up any look and the palette suits every skin tone. I find that I can only wear the lightest with being so pale, but with my mum I can use all 3. These can be used as highlights, or eyeshadow. It includes Mary-Lou Manizer, Cindy-Lou Manizer, and Betty-Lou Manizer. They’re so utterly beautiful and I have one of these in my kit and my personal makeup now.


theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Trimony Eyeshadow Palette – £39

This is by far one of the best palettes I’ve ever owned. It’s the most perfect colour palette, I can use it on my brows too, or as eyeliner, and the shadow formula is an absolute dream. The other matte palette is also pretty perfect, but I love the purples and pinks in this one more. I even use a little Rossi and Evans to contour. I actually asked for one for Christmas so I’m super happy that I’ve now got a back up!

theBalm’s Nude Dude Eyeshadow Palette – £32

Shockingly, I didn’t love this palette as much as the one above? I’m not entirely sure if the formulas are different for the matte shades (they do seem to have a little sparkle in them), but I’m not a fan of the shimmer shades at all as they’re not shimmery enough for my liking. Maybe it’s the colour palette or just sparkly shades, but I really don’t reach for it much apart from my initial tries to make it work for me.


theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Liquid Lipstick – £15

These really seriously impressed me! They’re super long wearing, SO pigmented, and have a minty smell! I love the colours theBalm sent me and you’ll be seeing a lot more of these as I’m soon going to start makeup videos! I’ve noticed that right now I always stick to stuff I know when going out, so I haven’t managed to snap a picture of these on yet but that’ll soon change.


theBalm’s Brow Pow Eyebrow Powder – £13.50

I know I said I love theBalm, and I do, but I don’t love everything from them and for me this just didn’t work. It’s very powdery and moves a lot, it’s much better for a brushed through, natural looking brow. So it doesn’t work for my bold and dramatic brows at all, I use a wet brush and eyeshadow for mine!


theBalm’s Highlite ‘N Con Tour Face Palette – £32

I wasn’t expecting to use this much but it’s actually really great! The lightest contour colour works well with my skin as it blends down really well, the blush colours are really pretty, the highlight shades include my favourite, and the matte highlights are great for making your cheekbones look stronger. I’m so so pleased with it. They’re all a fantastic formula, it has a big handy mirror at the top, and it works on both me and mum which is always a plus!


theBalm Instain Powder Blush – £20.50

These really truly are the best powder blushes I own, I loved my old shimmery one (hot mamma I think it was called?) but I do prefer a matte blush and these are fantastic. I’m obsessing over the colour Houndstooth, but I also like Pinstripe too. A little goes a really long way as they’re really pigmented.

Here are some Instagrams of me wearing The Balm, I tend to put glitter on top of everything lately so you can’t see my favourite eyeshadow palette properly, hopefully soon I will get over that phase!


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