Old Wives Tail Hair Growth Oil

Having a fear of the hairdressers means that the meaning of a ‘regular haircut’ means twice a year for me, obviously this doesn’t sit too well with the ends of my hair. Often they’d snap off, become incredibly dry, or on my worst days you would see my split ends before you saw me. However, seen as I’m modelling at Plus North I’ve started to look after myself a little bit more (I was already a pampered pooch to start with), and that meant having all my dead ends cut off! It was a little shock to the system to start with as I’m used to having my long hair now, but not long after I have learned to love how it feels. It has meant that I’ve wanted every hair growing product that I can get my hands on though, so when I got an email from Old Wives Tail I was incredibly excited! I obviously opted to try out their Melado Organic Hair Growth Oil Treatment* but that is just one of their beautiful collection.
Old Wives Tail also sell Hair Masks, Hair Accessories and Hair Oils. Their Melado Organic Hair Growth Oil Treatment works as it is a 100% organic blend that restores dry and damaged hair, as well as helping to keep the hair shiny and looking healthy. It has to be massaged into the scalp to activate the oils further to encourage hair growth. You’re meant to use it on damp hair, however I used it on dry as I find that sometimes the water can create a barrier. Afterwards you simply leave it on for an hour and then simply wash it out with shampoo and conditioner and be sure to get every last bit.
You can also leave it on overnight (which is my favourite thing to do) so the oil has even longer to work its magic. The ingredients include Olive Oil, Argan Oil, Almond Oil and Lavendar oil.

I’ve used up about half of the pot now over a couple weeks and I can’t report back that my hair has grown an enormous amount or any more than normal, but I do find it very moisturising and I’ve noticed a massive difference. Ingredients wise I can’t really see much that will stimulate growth but it’s definitely a moisturising pot of oil. I am going to continue using it in hope that my new hair will be stronger and thicker than ever before! I’d definitely recommend anyone wanting to grow their hair to give it a try as you may find that it’s the perfect product for you. I estimate that you could probably get 4-6 really good uses of this product and for £13.99 for 100ml, I think it’s a good hair growth treatment to start with.


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