Obsessing Over Lady Voluptuous

Lady VolupLady Volup

It’s safe to say that I am actually obsessed with Lady Voluptuous from Lady V London. It’s the collaboration between them and Georgina Horne of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, and it’s truly a fantastic collection that just keeps getting better. Not only do they cater from 16 – 32, but they also love the show off their clothes on people of all sizes across their social media, I can’t tell you how annoying it is when other brands only show a certain sized customer.

Lady Volup have just brought out tonnes of Lyras (my favourite style) in the most incredible prints and they asked if I wanted to snap photos in one ahead of the launch. You may have seen me in their newsletter! I asked for something print and bold and ended up with this awesome Flamingo print. With them bringing out SO many different prints to suit everyone, I’ve actually been tempted by 3 or 4 others. Including the dark green ‘Nautical Roses’, ‘Pink Petals on Paisley’, ‘Nightingale & Rosebuds’, and obviously the ‘Doughnut Delight’. I’ve done extremely well not to buy one, I already have 4. I even wore one on my latest shoot (thanks so much to Yours Clothing for hooking me up with that.)

Lady VolupLady Volup

The Lyra style is just utterly perfect. There’s great boob coverage, but enough material so that you could pin it into a sweetheart neck (that’s how I usually wear them), however, I was accidentally sent a size 16 and although it was a tad awkward to get it on, the smaller fit and less material around my chest meant that with a plunge bra, it was a great fit! I didn’t have to adjust or watch out for any gaping and the arms, and skirt still had enough material. I can definitely see the different between the busts and I really like the more fitted look. Not that I’ll be drastically sizing down to a 16 again, but maybe a 20 from my usual 22/24.

As soon as I’m invited somewhere or have an excuse, I’m going to be picking up another one. Maybe for the exciting filming I’m doing in a couple weeks? Hmm, I think I just talked myself into another one!

They’re £45 a pop which does seem expensive but they’re so low maintenance, you instantly look glamorous, you can dress them up or down, and there’s patterns to suit everyone! Including a new skull print that everyone is loving. I actually have nothing bad to say about them at all, and that’s incredible rare for me.

Lady Volup sell out super fast, so if you do fancy trying different sizes, that may be your way to get one as already there’s some sizes that are completely gone!

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