NYK1 Secrets Gel Nail Kit

When word of mouth can get a Gel Nail Starter Kit on Amazon’s Christmas wish list, you have a good indication of how amazing the product really is. NYK1 Secrets specialises in home gel nails kits, that are easy enough for pretty much anyone to use, including nail novice, yours truly. I am pretty hopeless at nails and despite truthfully saying that my application of these products may not be executed even to an amateur level, I was encouraged to still try them. Not only did NKY1 Secrets ensure that I would be fine, but they also absolutely spoilt me by sending me out a full kit of what every nail enthusiastic probably already has. I was blown away by such a thoughtful package and couldn’t wait to get started. Of course, when using anything new for the first time, it’s always ideal to read the instructions and familiarise yourself with what you’re about to take on. Being me, I decided to dive in head first and if you’ve ever tried a gel system before, you can imagine the mess I got myself in….
NYK1 Secrets Gel Nail Kit
However, when I tried it out properly with the instructions a glance away, I was blown away with the results. Not only is this gel system pretty easy to follow, but the results are outstanding. You can buy everything separate but this kit and similar are around £100. Inside it usually contains:

  • Lint Free Wipes
  • Large Polish Bottles (quantity depends on the kit, I got 2)
  • Box of 12 Nail Glitters
  • White 36W UV Curing Lamp
  • Prep&Shine Sticky Residue Remover
  • 100ml Acetone Remover
  • TOP&BASE Coats
  • Toe Separators,
  • Practice Wheel
  • Set of Nail Art Brushes
  • Metal Cuticle Pusher
  • Cuticle Sticks
  • White Block Buffer
  • Jumbo File
  • Cotton Wool
  • Easy to Follow Comprehensive NYK1 Shellac Instructions
    Making it incredible value for money as there’s a lot of products that will last a very long time. To use this kit you simply apply a base coat and then put your hand under the UV light, repeating with the colour and top coat. It’s pretty simple and definitely worth that little extra effort. After I had finished with my nails, they looks stronger, thicker, and shiner than ever. I had never seen nail varnish look so good. With it being so thick, I imagined that it would be pretty hand to chip, so I obviously tested this. I took to my daily activities and nothing, so I bit my nail. I’m not talking to pull it off or anything, I took my vampire fang and tried to dint the polish…..there was nothing. With razor sharp teeth you can imagine my surprise.
    NK1 Base and top coats are available to buy at £16.95 for both and the colours come in at just £8.95 each. It may be a little pricey but so if painting your nails every two minutes because of chips. If you want a professional looking manicure at home, or even to treat friends and family too as well, then NKY1 Secrets have definitely won my vote.
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