NV Colour Cosmetics & A MAC Rebel Dupe?

Reds and purples are definitely two of my favourite colours when it comes to just about anything. They can either be very subtle or give you an intense and dramatic look. I was recently contacted by NV Colour Cosmetics to try out some of their new beautiful collection and I couldn’t take my eyes of the choices for reds of all shades and purples too. NV Cosmetics are really wanting to push social media and how they share things with their customers, and bloggers! So far they have quite a collection from eye/lip crayons, lipsticks, glitters, eyeshadows and even bronzers. Soon enough, NV Colour Cosmetics Fever Lipstick*, a gorgeously dark and MAC Rebel dupe arrived through my door and I was very impressed at it’s moisturising abilities and colour pigment. It’s basically the exact same colour and texture of MAC Rebel but without the price tag as this one is a steal at £6! I’d definitely say that with them being more moisturising than a typical lipstick, it’s a good idea to line your lips with a lip pencil, and conceal the edges to avoid bleeding. Nothing that you shouldn’t already do when wanting a lipstick to stay on though. I also received the lipstick Siren*, £6, which has the same consistency and is more of warm red as it’s a tad on the orange side and very bright.
NV Colour Cosmetics, Georgina Grogan, shemightbeloved
What looks like two matching NV Colour Cosmetics Lip Crayons, at only £5 each, also arrived with an even more moisturising texture that feels like an intense lip balm. The creaminess of these products is unbelievable and perfect for people who worry over their lipsticks drying out or cracking throughout the day. They’re not as pigmented as the lipsticks, but they’re not far behind either. I received Spiced Plum* and Chilli Pepper*, both of which are beautiful colours and so quick and easy to apply. Lastly, I also received a NV Colour Cosmetics Aubergine Eyeshadow* that I have been constantly wearing. It’s a little shimmery but when buffed out it is barely noticeable. From just this one shade I have been able to create countless looks from things more subtle, to really over the top eyes. It buffs out into a slightly pink shade which makes my green eyes pop.
NV Colour Cosmetics, Georgina Grogan, shemightbeloved
The little eyeshadow at only £5 comes complete with it’s own little brush and mirror inside a secret compartment. Well it’s not so secret anymore but definitely handy for when you’re on the go and need something quick! Despite this, it is still incredibly lightweight and doesn’t feel any heavier than a normal eyeshadow container.
NV Colour Cosmetics, Georgina Grogan, shemightbeloved
As well as having amazing products, they are cruelty free and paraben free! You can find NV Colour Cosmetics on Facebook, Twitter and on the NV Colour Cosmetics website. So, what do you think to NV Colour Cosmetics? Is it a brand that you’re going to try out? If you do try something, make sure to show them so they can share your work also!