November – My Birthday Month!

It appears that I’ve had a blogging break, without actually wanting, planning, or realising. November is always a busy month for me as it’s my birthday! I know that seems odd, the entire month is busy because of one day? But yes. I like to celebrate for the entire month! Diva indeed.

I can’t actually remember when this started but I think it’s been a few years now, maybe 3/4 and I have no doubt that it’s because usually we’re at a family Christmas party. You’re probably reading this thinking I’ve messed my meds up, but my dad’s family always have a Christmas party on the last weekend of November. It’s a tradition that’s been going over 30 years. A tradition that for 22 years has normally landed on/around my birthday. Which means some birthdays I’ve spent tired, hungover, partying with family in Liverpool, or travelling to party with family. So I rarely actually do something I really want to on my birthday. Sure, my family are amazing and I really wanted to go this year but instead we day tripped to York on my actual birth date and it was amazing.

My birthday month started off with seeing The Catherine Tate Show at the Sheffield City Hall and it was hilarious. I loved The Catherine Tate Show, I had the script book, I’ve seen every episode and appearance multiple times but I only heard about her coming to Sheffield at last minute from a TV advert! I RAN to my computer to order tickets and found a row of 3, I didn’t even know if 3 people would come with me, but fuck it, I wanted to see her and who complains at extra room? Before the show we hung out with Maleka from Merumaya, but I’ll tell you about that another time as she spoiled us SO much with the goodie bag that it needs a post to itself.

Lovely event with @merumaya in Sheffield ❤️

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Leeds was next on the cards, first to meet with the lovely Cia from Caudalie. We accidentally went to the wrong place and ended up in a very dark weird cafe with terrible coffee, but the Harvey Nichols Restaurant Cia booked was actually stunning.  We talked about the blogging world, had awesome food and I went away with some amazing products to try. Cia said that the hand cream is a holy grail for some and I can totally believe it. It’s such a beautifully moisturising cream that dries so quickly, perfect for when I’m on the computer all day! We then spent the rest of the day with my dear friend Faith (Music & Eyeliner) and her lovely mummy. We had an absolute nightmare finding parking, and then getting into an accessible restaurant, even getting in the lift was a struggle but Cabana made it all right, well, after they made it worst. A dodgy doorway to literally no service, combined with not explaining offers left us in quite a bad mood but as Cabana actually knows Faith, they quickly sorted it but not in the way that we expected. We thought they’d just apologise and actually give us good service, but a manager could clearly see the struggle we were having that day and gave us the entire meal for free. Including drinks and told us to get desserts too. It did honestly made a very frustrating day much better.


A day later and it was time for another trip to Leeds and this time it was for a lovely meal with Salon Success. I love catching up with the Leeds bloggers and these meals are the perfect place to do that, as well as talk about new Paul Mitchell brands and products. I’m super excited to try out more from New CID and the Tea Tree Lavender Mint range. I love that Salon Success give us all different depending on what we’ve tried before and what we’ll like best. I haven’t been to a blogger event in a while but I just couldn’t miss this.

The @salonsuccessuk dinner 🎉

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We were meant to be visiting the Manchester Christmas Markets and the ones at Fox Valley but I was just too tired and instead rested until it was time for the spa. I found out that I won a 2 night stay at my favourite hotel and spa, the Mercure Sheffield. It was the most perfect stay ever and the most perfect way to start my birthday week. I’ve stayed at the Mercure so many times now and I’ve always ended up having a great time but they really went above and beyond this time. It started with an upgrade to the Junior Suite, one of the most beautiful and HUGE rooms. Alfie and I have had the pleasure of staying in it before and it really is a treat. Mum and I entered to find a beautifully made up room, towel elephant on the bed, a special note and a massive birthday cake. I was so shocked at their generosity, they truly know how to make your stay special. From there we booked treatments, had room service and just generally enjoyed our time there. The staff make everything so special and really do see to your every need, we can’t wait to stay again!

For my actual birthday I wanted to go to my favourite city, York. My little brother can drive now and as my back has progressively become more painful this year, going by train wasn’t an option. We headed up with my brother, his girlfriend, my friend Ryan, and obviously Alfie and I. Starting off in the most haunted pub, spending a lot of the day on The Shambles and ending up at the toy shop, as I always have a photo with the bear when I’m in town.  I’ve never been into York Lucky Cats before but it’s the most beautiful glass gift shop ever. I was obsessed over a horse and carriage that my brother later snuck off to buy it for me! I don’t know where to put it but I cannot wait to find a special, SAFE, spot for it. The pizza place on The Shambles really surprised us, it was shockingly empty for a very busy Sunday and we watched the pizzas be made in front of us as we were sat next to the kitchen, soon after we were eating the most fresh and delicious pizzas ever! Whenever I’m in York I always have to buy some fudge from the Fudge Kitchen and this time I really overdid it. I still feel a little sick now from eating too much of it, it’s so nice though.

Shambles ❤️

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How fab is this!? 😂 Had the most amazing birthday ❤️ @alfiebsmith

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So beautiful 😍

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I had such a relaxing, chilled out day in York. I laughed so much, especially at watching my brother and his girlfriend have a caricature picture drawn of them. It’s definitely up there on my top birthday months.

Normal posts will resume soon enough!

  • Elizabeth O’Connell-Thompson

    Looking gorgeous. A belated happy birthday!