The Norton Sheffield | Sizzling Pub & Grill

A couple weeks ago we were invited along to The Norton Sheffield to try out what they have to offer. I love a good pub, but we don’t really have any nice ones near me. Which means we don’t really have a local, or go to a pub regularly. I like it this way though, I love a pub meal when I really want something filling and homely, and that’s exactly what a Sizzling Pub is.

3 starters, 3 main courses, a couple alcoholic drinks and soft drinks costs around £50. Sizzling pubs are so affordable, the words cheap and cheerful come to mind, but in the best possible way. There’s nothing wrong with the food at all, it’s hot, it’s fresh, it’s good grub. There’s something for everyone, so that means anyone who could be classed as a ‘fussy eater’ will definitely find something they like.
Norton Sheffield Norton Sheffield Norton Sheffield Norton Sheffield
There are healthier options and alternatives, as well as sweet treats to indulge on. These are definitely pub of choice. Anytime we visit a certain uncle in Liverpool we always end up at the local Sizzling Pub, and there’s always someone who orders a sizzling plate! If you haven’t seen these before then they’re literally steaming hot plates that sizzle as they come out and for quite a while whilst you’re eating. You do have to proceed with caution! But rest assured that your food will always be piping hot.

Alfie and I ended up trying a couple of their different frozen cocktails and we were really impressed with them, I could definitely see us taking off to a Sizzling Pub one summer day, perhaps The Norton Sheffield, for a drinking session and trying even more out. Cheap cocktails are my calling, especially when they’re this good.

Thanks so much for having us!

Have you been to a Sizzling Pub before?

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We were invited along for a free meal but all words and opinions are my own.