Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Collection

I’m always excited when new Nip + Fab come through the letterbox, as by now, I know it’ll definitely be amazing. The new Glycolic Fix Collection definitely did not disappoint and one product didn’t last long enough to photograph the contents as I simply could not get enough of it! The range has been created to cover your skin’s every need, such as buffing away dead skin cells, keeping the skin moisturised and revealing a brighter complexion.
By far my favourite product from Nip + Fab yet is the Glycolic Fix Pads at £12.95, and this is the product that I used before being able to photograph as they are incredible little pads that make my skin feel amazing. There are 60 pads that are said to boost radiance and after just one use, I definitely noticed my skin looking better than ever. They have been soaked in 2.8% exfoliating glycolic acid which will help to retexture and resurface the skin. Don’t worry if this sounds a little harsh has witch hazel helps soothe and calm the tone of your skin too. They are incredibly moisturising and even have hyaluronic acid which will make the skin look smoother and brighter.
Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix
My second favourite was the Glycolic Fix Serum at £14.95, a overnight serum which contains 4% glycolic acid to again help to retexture the skin and even smooth the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines overall. It even has an ingredient that should help minimize the appearance of pores too, whilst aloe vera soothes the skin further. The one product in the collection that I haven’t been raving about is the Glycolic Instant Fix Mask at £12.95, although in theory it is meant to be amazing. By tightening pores, exfoliating and helping the appearance of wrinkles even more, I just found it too sticky to be enjoyable.

If you can get past the weird texture then the amino acid inside improves texture, makes your skin brighter and can even help to reduce age spots. Being 20, I can’t vouch for anything other than just looking cleaner than ever.
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