The Next Big Thing in Beauty is Coming….Crowd Colour Personalised Makeup Palettes – AD

Oh yes, for fellow bloggers you may have already been lusting over the brand new concept which is Crowd Colour‘s personalised makeup palettes, but for those who haven’t seen yet…. Crowd Colour is the brand new company, brought to you by the wonderful people behind Beauty Crowd.

But what is it all about? Well, Crowd Colour is about to become the new home and go-to place for personalised beauty products, they’re already storming the beauty world and they’ve not even launched fully….yet. This idea is totally new, the idea of being able to completely customise your beauty order is something that we haven’t seen before and from what I’ve seen so far, the results are amazing. Crowd Colour wants to involve makeup professionals and creatives, they’ve even approached one of my favourite people, Jemma from Dorkface and printed off some of her artwork already, which obviously looks incredible!

Crowd Colour Personalised Makeup Palettes


Crowd Colour really wants you to be able to embrace yourself and be individual, which means you can customise the photos, logos and text you have printed on your palette. It’s a pretty simple concept that it’d be a magnetic palette which means you can customise the outside, as well as the inside. I can’t even describe how annoying it is carrying around 5 different palettes because you’re away for an event and those are the ones that create a killer look. This is going to be a total game changer. It means that we can create our own palettes, potentially like the one below, with our own faces/logos and inside, we’d depot our favourites and have the God of all makeup palettes. This is all before considering the gifting options too, how amazing would it be to get your loved one a customised palette? Your mum, sister, friend, it’d be such a beautiful gift!

Rest assured that this isn’t a half thought out idea, the palettes are being made of the highest standard, using some of the most high tech printing. Even the packaging is splash proof, which is definitely what is needed when messy and stainable products are around. Of course, they’re also a mirror inside the palette too, so you really will have everything you need in one place.

The palettes are just the start, Crowd Colour aim is to develop a full range of makeup and accessories that you can fully customised, whilst working alongside the blogging/makeup community too.

However, this can only go ahead if their Kickstarter makes enough money before February 5th. The beauty world is really missing this unique idea and I for one would definitely have palettes and products of my logo/name to carry around my favourite beauty products in, especially when makeup brushes would even stay in the palettes too thanks to the magnetic pull. Don’t worry though, your money will not only help this incredible new idea grow wings and launch, but depending on how much you pledge, you’ll actually receive perks too, some of which include your own palettes!

Quite literally, this new concept is in our hands. Are you going to be a part of the next best thing in beauty? Click HERE to pledge!

You can also find Crowd Colour on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!



This post is an advertorial, however, these are all my own words and opinion, I’ve also pledged myself!



  • So basically this is more like a customised z-palette? At first I thought you got to choose the makeup and the shades that go in the palette and they do it for you. Silly me! This is definitely something to consider for when I have too many products to deal with.


  • Sounds like a great idea. Checking this out.

  • Vintage Fee

    I thought you picked the shades too – am intrigued by this! Will keep an eye x