My Week with the NEW Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from Three UK – VLOG!

So this week I have been playing with the brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, sent to me by Three UK. I didn’t receive any compensation for this post so this will include the good parts and the bad parts of the phone.
Obviously being a blogger, I’ve gave it the blogger trials on a phone which include…

  • Photo quality
  • Video quality
  • Battery life
  • Ease of usage
  • Speed of the phone

More technical bloggers might have different needs and wants but I’m pretty simple, I need pretty photos, good quality videos, a phone that will survive billions of notifications and one that won’t crash on me. I also want to not have to pinch Alfie’s photo every time I need a decent picture taking!

So, technical parts. What does the phone’s features include?

  • 5.5″ dual curved screen with dust and water resistant Gorilla glass.
  • Dual pixel 12MP rear camera.
  • 5MP front camera.
  • Better in low light with the brighter lens (F1.7).
  • Bigger battery & faster charging.
  • 4G Super-Voice enabled.
  • The return of a micro SD slot, so the phone can support up to 200 GB more of storage.

 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

This phone is dust and WATER resistant with Gorilla glass for extra protection. I didn’t test the water resistant partTAPAS REVOLUTION MEADOWHALL out because I was too scared, I can’t say I often submerge phones in water but it’s nice to know that in an accident where it might happen that I wouldn’t kill my phone. I mean the features alone speak for themselves but I am SO happy with this phone. Apart from it obviously being Android and me being an Apple girl I am really considering making this my new phone! A FULL day out of VLOGGING, taking photos, all my notifications and uploading photos on the go and I was on 71%, that’s crazy. Seriously crazy. I send one tweet from my iPhone and I need my back up charger.

We took the phone out during our trip to the brand new Tapas Revolution in Meadowhall Sheffield and it was incredible. I took the fanciest photo of the most delicious bottle of wine. We had already previewed the menu at the opening night with the owner Omar himself, but we were so excited to see the actual restaurant. Especially as it’s in a rather odd spot in Meadowhall, a spot which usually people would just walk across has now been turned into this incredible place! It’s a little bit of a tight squeeze, with the booths looking more comfortable for 2 people rather than 3 or 4. Especially being fat it wasn’t the most comfortable of restaurants I’ve been in, but we made it work and we soon forgot as the atmosphere is amazing. All the staff seemed to be Spanish which we love as it adds a lot of thought and authenticity to the place when all the staff can pronounce the menu properly, teach you a couple words and entertain the set phrases you know.

The food comes out in stages, like a traditional Spanish restaurant and it’s SO easy to order more food whilst you’re eating and to not have to wait too long for it to come out. For example we fancied more bread to dip into all the sauces and this was out within minutes. The kitchen staff seemed super friendly when I asked for a photo and all the customers seemed really happy. I love that the menu has a ‘menu rapido’ for a quick lunch and set menus for people who might not be familiar with tapas. We knew exactly what we wanted as it’s what we always order from Spanish Restaurants.

Tapas Revolution Sheffield Tapas Revolution in Meadowhall Tapas Revolution in Meadowhall Tapas Revolution in Meadowhall Tapas Revolution in Meadowhall Tapas Revolution in Meadowhall Tapas Revolution in Meadowhall Tapas Revolution in Meadowhall Tapas Revolution in Meadowhall
I will say now that Tapas Revolution is hands down the BEST Spanish Restaurant we’ve ever been to, if you haven’t guessed already. The food was delicious, cooked to absolute perfection, the staff were beyond lovely, the manager is incredible and she has a killer Spanish accent, she really tricked me the first time we met as I thought she was a native speaker haha! We ended up sitting and dipping bread into all the dishes when we were done, ordering more of the beautiful wine and just relaxing in the fun space. Tapas Revolution have also opened up a Churros bar directly opposite where you can enjoy gorgeous authentic churros and you can even take them back to the restaurant to sit down with. Traditionally you are meant to just walk around with them but we had wine left!

Before I forget, you can get FREE CHURROS! from Tapas Revolution as they’re giving away 500 free Churros from Monday 18th to Sunday 24th April.  To claim your free churros simply follow @tapasrevolution on Twitter and take a selfie with the #FREECHURROS sign.

After tapas food we headed off for our nails and to run some errands, you can see all of that and more in my vlog below! Apparently the quality is a little off because of Youtube compressing it but obviously if the video is still like this in a couple hours and hasn’t sorted itself out, that’s a bad mark against the phone….
To see more photos using the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge check out my Instagram! 


*I received no compensation to review the phone, however the food at Tapas Revolution was complimentary* 

  • You and your mum crack me up the way you are together! I love your office. The desk is amazing! xx

  • Oh the churros looked so good! I’m looking at upgrading my phone at the moment so reviews like these are gold dust to me at the moment. I love the fact the battery lasts so long and the camera quality for video and photos looks great! I’ll have to find out where my local Tapas Revolution is and try out the food. Love your dress too! – Tasha