Of All The New Rimmel Launches, Which Are Worth Buying?

After getting onto the Rimmel London press list, I seem to have acquired every new launch in the past couple months. Rimmel isn’t really a brand that I tend to buy, I don’t even think I owned anything before these and after trying all the new launches out, it’s not really a brand I’m going to continue using either. I could have been a little less blunt, but I just really don’t rate the brand or any one of the new launches and here’s why.

The Only 1 Matte Lipsticks – £6.99

These are described as ‘major matte’ but they’re actually anything but. It’s a super fragranced formula that applies very glossy and a little patchy meaning you need a good couple layers to ensure your lips are all one colour. It is indeed non drying, but they’re definitely not a revolutionary matte. The only time I’ve ever reached for them is when I need something more hydrating on top of a liquid lipstick but I wouldn’t trust wearing them out and about as I find they move a lot and they don’t apply to the inner lip which leaves me looking like my newly applied lipstick is wearing off. It’s a hard pass from me.

The Only 1 Matte Lipsticks Rimmel Londonimg_9955

Scandaleyes Mascaras – £6.99

The most basic mascaras. Big fluffy brushes that don’t really separate, add volume or do anything apart from add mascara unevenly and heavily making lashes look and feel weighed down. Another hard pass!

Scandaleyes Thick & Thin Eyeliner – £5.49

Hands down two of the worst eyeliners I’ve ever tried in my entire life. The one with the normal ‘precision’ tip that is actually useable, doesn’t apply over eyeshadows. Instead any eyeshadow blocks the tip and makes it very hard to apply. It isn’t jet black, it isn’t an intense colour and instead you have to go get another eyeliner out before you ruin your makeup look.
The slanted eyeliner is absolutely ridiculous and near impossible to get a nice, clean flick, it’s hard to get anything that even resembles a flick. I’m so unimpressed with these it’s unreal.

Scandaleyes Rimmel London

Brow This Way With Argan Oil – £4.49

I have been using these quite a lot but they’re incredibly wet, which means you have to give them quite a lot of time to dry, or be careful not to go out into the wind and ruin your complete face. I like the colours and the applicator but with the argan oil it can mean that they’re very messy. Definitely worth trying out to see what you think though!

The rest of the brow range is pretty basic and ‘does what it says on the tin’, there’s nothing to shout about at all.
Brow This Way With Argan Oil rimmel london

Brow Shake Filling Powder – £5.99

I actually was quite excited for these, they looked different and after trying them on the back of my hand, I could see they had potential. On a fuller brow that just needs a little filling, they’re absolutely perfect. So natural looking and you just need to remember to keep a light hand as again these can get messy. I always do my mum’s eyes first when I’m doing her makeup so it was an easy fix when I tried to be a little heavier handed. I think they’re really fantastic and definitely worth picking up. I use them on myself sometimes but as I need to draw on half of my brow, I can’t really get the full, natural looking effects that are intended with them.

Brow Shake Filling Powder rimmel london
Volume Shake Mascara – £8.99

The most unnecessary mascara that has ever been created. It’s the first of its kind with a ‘shaker system’ that refreshes the supposedly volumizing formula whenever it’s needed. The brush is supposed to boost your lashes but even with my ridiculously long lashes that LOVE mascara, I noticed nothing special. The shaker system makes this mascara ridiculously heavy and bulky, not very travel friendly at all. The shaker system sound so unneeded to me as when my mascaras are drying out, that usually means that I’ve had them longer than 3 months and I need to get rid of them and buy a new one. You know, the recommend lifetime of a mascara? The formula is really wet and scented too which again seems unneeded, plus the brush is nothing structured or special. It’s a huge no from me.

Volume Shake Mascara rimmel londonrimmel london

There’s a severe lack of enthusiasm in this post, I just hate writing about boring and disappointing products as it pains me to keep testing them out, ha! I pretty much know when I hate a makeup product and that’s usually 0.3 seconds into using it.

What do you think to the new Rimmel launches?

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  • Debz Aiken

    Love this post and your honesty! Xx

  • Lets Talk Beauty

    I loved the matte lipsticks & found them pigmented & quite comfortable. I really did not get on with the brow shaker powders. I got into a right mess with them & have passed them on to my sister in law & her friends to see how they find them. The Shaker Mascara packaging is ridiculously heavy and it didn’t give my lashes much volume – not impressed with that.

  • It’s so refreshing to read somebody being so honest about things, and not rejecting products but in a sugarcoated way. Definitely trust your reviews a lot more than some out there! x