New Makeup Revolution Eye & Lip Products!

Makeup Revolution have SO many new products out this month that it’s beginning to get hard to keep up. Being the considerate person that I am, I thought I would do a little round up of all the latest things out, and give you the low down on the ones that you cannot go this Autumn/Winter without. First up definitely has to be their 5 new Atomic shades that are taking the blogging world by storm. There hasn’t been a day go by where someone hasn’t blogged, tweeted, or just general wanted to buy or know more about them. The four new shades for Autumn are all sheer, creamy and incredibly pigmented. The four I was sent include Ruby, a stunningly bright red, Make me Magnificent a sheer and sparkly purple/pink, Serpent which is a gorgeous green (yes, green!) and a beautiful, dark, autumnal purple Make it Right. All of the lipsticks are just £1 each, making them incredibly value for money. Reds and purples are definitely my favourite colours for lips as I really don’t mind strutting around with a dark, vampy lip at 9am, but the green might be a little too daring for public. At least for me. You can bet that Serpent will definitely be featured in a couple upcoming Halloween looks though!
makeup revolution atomic lipsticks
Next up is Makeup Revolution’s new eye products, including two glittery single nudes,  2 glittery pure pigments and probably one of the best inventions in the beauty world Aqua Seal Liquid Eye Primer, £3. Basically, you can use this little beauty to turn your eyeshadow into pigmented eyeliner, to intensify the colour across your lids, or to just ensure that your eye makeup stays flawless all day. I can’t recommend it enough if you have problems with keeping eye makeup on. Below and above I have Confront, the purple pure pigment with the Cappuccino (gold) eyeshadow, and the Atomic Ruby lipstick.
makeup revolution atomic lipstick ruby
makeup revolution
Finally, and probably my favourite new product from Makeup Revolution is yet another one of their amazing palettes. This Salvation Palette Give Them Nightmares is the absolute perfect essential for any Halloween look as it’s all the deep, glitters and matte colours rolled into one. I won’t go into too much detail for this one, as by the end of the month you’ll probably all be fed up hearing about it. The colours are stunning, the pigments are incredibly and as you can see I’ve already been at them!
makeup revolution Salvation Palette Give Them Nightmares
So, I know a few of you may just say everything, but what new things at Makeup Revolution have you loved this month?
  • I absolute adore the shades in the salvation give me nightmares palette. I am especially loving the Makeup Revolution palettes (quality of product and the palettes being affordable). I have been in love with the One Blush Stick in “Pink”. xx