The New Makeup Releases You Should Hit and The Ones You Should Miss, FT Joan Collins

The New Makeup Releases You Should Hit and The Ones You Should Miss, FT Joan Collins

I never shy away from writing a negative review, but sometimes products are just so terrible (or I just really dislike them), that they don’t warrant more than a sentence or two. So, I’m doing a roundup of all the new makeup releases you should hit and the ones you should miss from lots of different brands. I know it’s similar to my last post but that’s simply because it was initially one post, but people would have died from boredom half way through so take this as part 2!

Neve cosmetics found me last year and have since sent quite a few of their latest releases. I have quite a hit and miss relationship with them as sometimes something will turn up and it’s really good and other times it’ll be something I can’t use. I cannot recommend enough these adorable kabuki brushes. Normally I just stick to my Real Techniques or Nanshy brushes and I don’t really venture too far away but I have been loving applying my foundation with the smallest brush. It glides on so evenly without sheering the foundation out and makes it so easy to get into all the little spaces on your face. The fox brush is fantastic for contouring too but the bigger brushes aren’t ones that I need as I like to apply powder with a more precise brush and I’m not a bronzer type of girl at all.
Neve Cosmetics8,90 
Another hit would be their lip liners/lip stick combo but you do have to be careful which colour you go for as they’re incredibly pigmented. The last two I was sent as rather pinky and being more of a purple/red person means that I won’t get much use out of them, but I just love how matte the finish is.
Neve Cosmetics Kabuki Brushes 
Neve Cosmetics lip linerNeve Cosmetics lip liner
Essence Cosmetics Liquid Ink Waterproof Eyeliner, £2.50
There’s only ever been one product I’ve loved from essence and that’s their Liquid Link Waterproof Eyeliner. It’s amazing, precise, jet black, stays in place all day and is ridiculously affordable, but there’s just something about the rest of the range that never thrills me. It’s awkward enough being sent the wrong foundation so I can’t even try it, but judging by the formulas, everything is just pretty average for a budget makeup brand. It’s just the eyeliner that really excels.
B. Sculpted Blush & Highlight Dark, £10.99
I’m normally not a fan of cream blushes but I absolutely love the simplicity of this one. The high light is beautiful and the blush goes on rather smoothly, it’d be a lot better on a more moisturised base though. This was even featured on ITV This Morning, so it’s making quite the impression!

Essence Cosmetics Liquid Ink Waterproof Eyeliner

B. Sculpted Blush & Highlight Dark B. Sculpted Blush & Highlight DarkB. Sculpted Blush & Highlight Dark
B. Prepared Blemish Control Primer, £9.99
Contains Salicylic Acid to help stop blemishes in their tracks, as well as Aloe Vera and Bisabolol to help leave skin feeling soft and at ease. I love how lightweight and effective this is.
A miss for me but potentially a hit for you….
It’s not that this brand is a hard pass for everyone and I’m not saying I don’t recommend it, but a 21 year old is definitely not the target audience. The lightest foundation is around 3/4 shades too dark for me and the lipsticks are a that it makes me weep for how pretty the packaging is. I wanted to love this, but I don’t. Like when most people make collections, they make it for them and there’s no mistaking whose line this is. The foundation is a beautiful formula and perfect for dryer skin types to really give that youthful look, it just baffles me that they don’t think older ladies would be paler? Not the smartest move. The lipstick packaging is incredible, the colours I’ve been sent are too similar and a tad too shiny. They’re definitely pigmented and of a great quality, they’re just not for anyone who likes matte or a little shine as they really are attention grabbing formulas. Price wise the range is definitely where I would expect it to be, £18 for lipsticks and £25 for the foundation. They’re definitely worth the money so although the products are wrong for me, it looks to be a great range.
Joan Collins foundation

Joan Collins Lipstick Joan Collins Lipstick

There’s a sparkly blush and then there’s dark, pink glitter thrown onto your cheeks. I don’t like loose powders for my face as it is but definitely not blushes. The Neve Cosmetics loose powder blush is so pigmented than I found it really hard to buff and blend out without disrupting half of my face, which left an uneven look.
CODE VLM MINI Volumising Lengthening Mascara, £10
My eyelashes are seriously good to me, they’re long, thick, full and with the right mascara, I don’t need false eyelashes. I can spot a good mascara a mile off and this isn’t one. The brush comes across cheaper than cheap, the bristles don’t do much, it’s an uneven coating and to charge £10 for a mini? I won’t say anymore, the picture says the rest.
As much as I know I should just wash my face properly rather than use micellar waters, I do have to try a couple out from time to time and I’ve really enjoyed most of them. For me, this is nothing different at all and has nothing ‘wow’ about it that I can recommend. Does the job, but it’s far better for your face and just easier to wash it with a cleanser and water.

Neve Cosmetics loose powder blushNeve Cosmetics loose powder blushNeve Cosmetics loose powder blush

B. Pure Micellar Water,


Have you found any products that we should hit or miss?
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