New Makeup Purchases I Adore!

Blogging is a blast when you spend over an hour writing a post, that you really like, for the browser to freeze and you lose the post completely. Ugh. Take two!

I’ve been struggling a lot lately, it’s no secret. My chronic pain is constantly flaring up, I’m cancelling my life, forcing myself to go to the odd blogging event, and only really leaving the house when it’s an appointment to try and help my pain. Which means I’ve been seriously down, so in an attempt to cheer myself up I’ve been buying myself lots of pretty things. Not that it makes any sense to buy lots of makeup when you rarely go out to wear it, but at least when I do have the energy, I’ll look flawless! To be perfectly honest I’ve bought myself way more than what’s in these photos but I only wanted to show you the good stuff in this post, I’ll do a different post on shit makeup another day.

I’ve had my eye on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette since it was first released, but for all of you who know me well, GG isn’t paying £41 for eyeshadows, GG doesn’t really do high end makeup. However, just as I managed to talk myself into it my Daddy walked into the room and I asked if he fancied treating me, which mean that the palette and my 3rd Stila Eyeshadow Glitter only cost me around £15, bargain! When the ABH palette arrived I was seriously less than impressed, it looks cheap, the pans are really small and the powders fall a lot. It means that you need a really light hand or you’re going to waste a lot of product. The colours are lovely, and the pigments do blend and last OK, but I’m not in love with it.

Not like I am with the Stila Eyeshadow Glitters, it’s actually more accurate to say that I’m obsessed. I’m pretty much wearing them everywhere. I have 3 now, the Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold. At £23 each they’re definitely worth it (but of course I’ve bought all of mine with discount codes I found on the web, they’re stocked EVERYWHERE, so shop around!) I love to mix the Rose Gold with the Gold and Silver to lighten it up a little as I find on it’s own that it’s too dark for my little eyes. These are super creamy and blendable, but they also dry very quickly and stay in place all day. I’ve had so many compliments on my eyes every time I’ve worn these!


The Real Techniques MultiTech Collection intrigued me from the first time I saw the launch photos. Dome shaped brushes are always my favourites as they’re so versatile so having a range of just different sizes of the same shaped brush is genius in my eyes. I added this to my basket in an ‘I’m Bored‘ order from Superdrug and although the 4 piece set, with its own brush holder, is £30 I think I managed to get it for £20. I’ve used these brushes non-stop, I love how they feel in my hands, they work incredibly well, and I definitely will be picking up the rest of the range and the bigger brushes for contouring/setting under my eyes. Real Techniques brushes are always good but these are definitely my new favourites from their range.

I’d like to thank Kitty Morris for my Colourpop addiction, after seeing her rave on and on about Colourpop, I couldn’t not try them for myself. This is my second and biggest order to date with 6 liquid lipsticks, 5 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, and 2 highlighters for just $80. CP is seriously affordable and with their very frequent ‘free shipping to the UK’ offer, they’re very easy to buy. The liquid lipstick applicators are really not the best, or even good, so I’d definitely say to use a brush to avoid messing up your makeup minutes before you’re meant to leave the house, been there, got the t-shirt. The formulas are really impressive and long lasting though. The powder products are really unusual are they’re squishy, kinda like a mix between a powder and a cream. They’re so beautiful to use but you just have to be careful not to get a little clump on your brush as you’re putting them on as it can look uneven. I apply glitter eyeshadows with my finger, highlights with a fan, and for blushes I’ve been trying to use a blush but I’m quite patchy. I might switch to a beauty blender and see how that goes!


TARTE TIME! I’ve really been searching for that ONE palette that can do it all, I want neutral eyes, buildable browns, and a choice of a pop of colour should I feel so daring. Thankfully and completely unexpectedly, the Tartiest Amazonian Clay Palette is exactly what I’ve been looking for. This was a ‘I’m feeling a bit better so I’m going to buy myself more things‘ order from QVC and definitely the best order I’ve placed as I haven’t stopped using this palette. I am completely and utterly in love. The mirror is huge, meaning not only is it the only palette I WANT to take away with me, but it’s also the most practical. It just has everything, I even gasped when I opened it! It smells good, the pigmentation is amazing, they blend incredibly, they last so well, the glitters POP. It looks and feels like a £44 palette. Obviously I took advantage of the 3 easy payments so I didn’t feel like I was splurging too much!

QVC also had an awesome offer for 2 Benefit Gimme Brows for just over £28 when they’re normally £20 each. Gimme Brow has actually been my most used brow product for the last 12 months and it was the only product that saved me whilst I was sweating to death in Spain. I know there’s cheaper alternatives on the market, but I love how this adds little mini fibers making my eyebrows look longer and fuller. The pigmentation is also fantastic to help me define my face on holiday when I can’t use any other products. I’m a big fan!

I also picked up the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer that came with a blender for £28 and it’s definitely not worth it. It’s HUGE, with an abnormally and unnecessarily large applicator. It’s not the fullest of coverages but it is very pale, so props for that. I definitely won’t ever rebuy it, this is one product that really doesn’t deserve the hype.

ZOEVA Luxe Complete Brush Set

Finally, I did technically buy the ZOEVA Luxe Complete Brush Set at £105, but as Love Makeup are actually my clients, they’re beyond generous and wouldn’t let me pay for it. They’re honestly the best clients I’ve ever had, and obviously it’s amazing working with a makeup company! They introduced me to Zoeva a couple months ago and I’ve been hooked every since but this set is definitely my favourite, so many dome-shaped brushes. Truly a luxurious set and some of the best brushes I’ve ever used!

Have you bought yourself anything impressive lately?

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  • Charlotte

    I dread to think about how much money you spent that day, it’s making me tear up just thinking about it haha! I can’t believe the amazing deal on the Gimme Brow. I really need to get a new one because mines run out, such a shame that I missed out on that. I’ve been eyeing up colourpop lippies for ages!
    Charlotte / Charlotte’s Picks

  • Its alwaya good to treat yourself and i hope it cheered you up even for a little while! I have to check out Colourpop as the prices are good and the shade range is varied! Great haul GG!

  • I really want to try the Tarte Shape Tape! I love Zoeva brushes – I pretty much only use those, Real Techniques and a few from Sigma 🙂

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty