The New Jimmy Choo Exotic from The Perfume Shop

The New Jimmy Choo Exotic from The Perfume Shop

 Jimmy Choo Exotic  Jimmy Choo Exotic

I really do love reviewing perfumes, especially ones that I get to pick out myself after researching about them. Simply as I am SO picky when it comes to fragrances. As much as I’d like to be someone who can though on anything and live with it, I’m really picky with what I smell like. I find scents a way to express myself and therefore I always pick from the same sort of ingredients.

The new Jimmy Choo Exotic Eau de Toilette for her from The Perfume Shop is definitely the lightest and fruitiest I’d go on my scale. Priced at £44 for 60ml, I can’t find an accurate price for my bottle as it’s 100ml, but the most accurate I’ve found is £70ish. Described as a ‘sexy twist’ on the original fragrance, and you only have to smell it once to know why. It has all the makings of a Summer day-time perfume with pink grapefruit and passion flower, but then there’s deeper notes of blackcurrant and patchouli which really give this perfume a darker, sexier and more sophisticated edge. With other notes of tiger orchids, and raspberry it’s just a perfect combination and it’s the scent that I am reaching for constantly. 

Just a quick little review as there’s only so many ways you can say that you really recommend and love a product!



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