New Fragrance Favourites Featuring Monsoon Rose Gold Perfume

The Discovery Club
I really love smelling nice, to the point where I’ll spend any amount on a perfume that I love. Which means I adore trying out new things as you never know when you’ll find your new favourite. The Discovery Club is an amazing way to find new favourites. It’s a subscription box that ships quarterly, exclusively by The Fragrance Shop. It’s only £5 and it’s full of all the latest samples, there’s even discounts and offers if you choose to buy one of them. The one pictured is the Christmas box.

Monsoon Rose Gold Perfume

I’m really excited about the new Monsoon Rose Gold Perfume at £24 for 30ml. It’s a very summery scent with notes of uplifting fruits, neroli, rose, and then base notes of vanilla and musk. It’s very similar to what I normally look for in a perfume, it’s just a tad lighter and more day time. I love the packaging of this too, it’s just super cute.

The new Ferrari Red fragrance iPhone Case (£30) is quite genius! A protective phone case that contains 25ml of Ferrari Red EDT inside! It includes another 25ml refill and comes in this fiery red colour. Obviously it’s quite a bulky case, but I don’t mind that. I’m always wanting to touch up my perfume before going in anywhere and with this, it’s quicker and easier than ever. Currently only for iPhone 6/6s phones.

Ferrari Red fragrance iPhone Case

I’m becoming obsessed with sprays like these new ones from So…? My favourites are always the vanilla scents and this time I really am obsessed. I’ve used it SO fast, I wear it practically everyday, just around the house, to bed, as a room scent, in my bag when I go out, it’s just such a delicious smell! They’re usually under £4 but currently they’re half price, making them an absolute steal!

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