NEW Batiste Marrakech – I Finally Like Batiste Dry Shampoo!

NEW Batiste Marrakech landed on my desk a couple weeks ago and I made a, what could have been terrible, decision to try it out as I was getting ready for an event. Now this may not seem like a big deal for some, but I’ve had red hair on and off for around 6 years now (gheeeez) and whenever I’ve tried spray dry shampoos, I’m left looking an absolute state. No exaggeration, I’ve had to just go and wash my hair in the past or use eyeshadow to cover up the white patches. However, something must have changed with the formula because it’s not at ALL how I remember Batiste Dry Shampoo years ago.

The new Batiste Marrakech is inspired by the aromatic flavours, imagery and sounds of Morocco’s bazaars, so it’s meant to spice up your hair and mood! I was so impressed with not only how it smelt, but how soft and silky it made my hair feels, almost as if I had sprayed a conditioning treatment rather than something to soak up my grease (laughed at myself for that.) I can definitely now see why it’s the UK’s No 1 dry shampoo, whereas before I would just avoid it.

NEW Batiste Marrakech

I’d always recommend using the correct application tips for dry shampoo as you are essentially spraying white powder onto your hair, and that’s not the look I imagine you’ll be going for. So, shake the can, a lot, and then spray it quite far away from your hair – around 30cm. Spray evenly and lightly as you can always spray more if you find you need it, but you can’t really take it away. Use your hands to massage it in and be sure to rub away all the white marks, if you’re finding it a little difficult simply whack your parting around and really work it in until it’s all gone. This will also help with the volume factor that comes from dry shampoo. I like to use a big paddle brush to work mine in too and then style as desired.

Have you always loved Batiste?

Batiste Marrakec is £2.99 and you can buy it from Boots.


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