Netflix Recommendations #2

It’s probably weird to say that I’ve not watched much on Netflix this month and then tell you that I’ve finished two full series. I mean they were only one season, so it doesn’t feel like much? That’s how much of a Netflix addict I am! Every month I’m going to be writing about my Netflix Recommendations, check out my first post by clicking here. Let’s get to it, what have I watched this during October?

Netflix Recommendations


Alfie and I were sat in bed about to start a new series and as soon as we saw FBI and investigating convicted murderers, the decision was easy. This is set in the 70s and two agents start looking at the science and psychology being murderers and start to interview some of the most famous ones. They even come up with the term ‘serial killers’ and it’s honestly so interesting, unnerving, and in some places, an uncomfortable watch. The interviews with Ed Kemper are definitely the most unnerving. This is such a good watch and season 2 is already confirmed!


Designated Survivor

This is the other series that I decided to start this month and I’m so glad I did! Designated Survivor is about a terrorist attack happening and the designated survivor is a cabinet member and not a very high up one (Secretary of Housing and Urban Development), he’s a family man and suddenly he’s sworn in as the President! It’s incredible interesting to watch, it puts you on edge a lot, I’ve even cried whilst watching it. I’ve really loved watching Kiefer Sutherland, and the cast is just perfect in general!


You’ve probably already heard of Suits but the latest series was added to Netflix not long ago. I got lost somewhere in season 5 so I started a couple episodes before I thought I was to catch up and I seriously got back into it. To the point where I was watching it so much that Alfie now wants to start the series! It’s about an incredibly smart guy that stumbles into an interview to be a lawyer whilst running away from the police. He doesn’t have a degree but he’s one of the best lawyers in town and landed a job at one of the best firms. The sarcasm and wit in this series in on point, the storylines are really capturing and I already can’t wait for season 8! It’s a shame that one of the main characters is leaving, Meghan Markle, but as it’s rumoured she’s going to marry Prince Harry, who can blame her?

White Collar

If you haven’t guessed by now, I do like the crime genre when it comes to the types of series and films I watch and White Collar is such a good series. Again there’s a lot of sarcasm and wit from the lead character, con man and criminal expert, Neal Caffrey. He’s currently helping the FBI to solve cases using his expertise, but he’s still being his con man self on the side. It’s a great storyline and I’m currently on season 4 of 6 and I’m hooked!


It’s another Stephen King film! Alfie practically forced me to watch this and from the still I saw on his phone, I really didn’t want to. It’s just as disturbing as Gerald’s Game and it’s just as good. I’m really enjoying Stephen King on Netflix for creepier options. This one is about a family of three where the husband and wife want to live completely different lives. The husband convinces his son that they could live the life they want if the mum just disappeared. The guilt drives them both insane and it’s very chilling in places and I will repeat, disturbing.

Have you got any recommendations for me? I’d love to hear them!

  • I enjoyed Mindhunter. You’re right, their interviews were so interesting but yeah…a bit unnerving. Have you ever seen The Following? I watched it a while back, but I think it was a good show and I would recommend that. I would maybe suggest the show Timeless but I don’t know for sure if it’s on Netflix, but it seems like something you might like.

  • olivia

    I’ve heard a lot about Mindhunter and it’s definitely something that I think I’d enjoy, but I’ve got sooo many series and half-watched films on the go that I couldn’t possibly start anything new. One of those half-watched films is 1922, actually! Like you said, it’s so creepy in parts and I haven’t even finished it yet, so I can only imagine how much creepier it’s going to get.

    Olivia – The Northernist x

  • ramblingmads

    I just finished watching Ozark – it’s a bit bleak at times but I do like the dark humour. Mindhunter is next up on my list, mixed with The Good Place and Riverdale for levity.